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★ The Game Replay: Monopoly Part 1

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Monopoly Game Replay


  1. So glad this is still up! I remember watching it as a kid when my brother and sister didn't want to play Monopoly with me lol. Your "looks like we're dealing with a dumbass line" has stuck with me all these years and become a bit of a mantra lmao.

    Much love to you and your family Dave, from South Korea – thanks for the fond memories <3

  2. I can't believe I found this again. I watched this video series SO MANY TIMES in the early days of YouTube. You probably don't even remember making this, but I certainly remember watching it. So thank you for making me smile.

  3. What's the difference between a Game Replay and a let's Play?Sorry if this is a stupid question.

  4. well you guys think this is funny i was in second place in the game but i only had 2 mil hahahahahaha

  5. well, I honestly didnt know they were recording. Guess I made my entrance 😛

  6. dave if you like risk do a game replay for it.

  7. what is volvagia's channel name??? i found him on gameanyone but cant on youtube…

  8. It's a safe website, and no, it's a window game.

  9. can you watch an online play without playing yourself?

  10. Skorrrch!
    Jeez, you never know what to expect here.

  11. 🙁 i have no clue what monopoly is hmmm….. ima more computer dude then board game dude XD and if you know computer dudes you know im totaly lyin about not know what it is XD

  12. this is not a reply to this comment but…

    hey do you think you and me could play vs?

  13. I love how the online version of monopoly doesn't take 2 hours to play through one game, most times xD.

  14. @freedam5 If it was anything else, I'd have to call it "Crap"

  15. hey i am the commenter in breath of fire 2. i see you have lots of replays that i cannot finish them all! keep up the hard work! we wil appreciate ur vids. =)

  16. And a random internet person. We don't know who this guy is. You crack me up Dave with your videos.

  17. Dam board walk and palace park are the 2 pain in the asses! One u landed and they have hotels….GAME OVER YEAHHH!!!!. haha:)

  18. I L-O-V-E playing online Monopoly. Still no substitute for playing in person, but on the Internet you can play whenever you like.

  19. Who is random internet guy ya now ELSErfg67

  20. LOL @ 5:10 "Wow, what a horrible trade, looks like we're dealing with a dumbass" 

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