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★NEW SLOT!★ MR. MONOPOLY HAS MONEY!! 🎩💸 MONOPOLY GO WILD Slot Machine (SG). Mr. Monopoly is the chattiest ever on this brand new Monopoly game and he loves to flaunt his bills 🤣. Let’s put this one to the test and see how WILD it gets! Special thanks to Chad from DRAGON LINK SLOTS for meeting up with me at Santa Fe Casino, Las Vegas to try out new games!

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  1. Title of video should be Albert’s gone wild 😜 🙃 I don’t see how people can win big on this one.

  2. Honestly, not my fave. Never had luck with monopoly games. You lasted longer than me!

  3. $300 to win $70 with all reels I locked..ummm I'll pass on this one

  4. You and Big Payback are only slot channels I can tolerate. Look for ya when I'm out in Vegas this spring. Keep winning!

  5. I saw this for the first time last week on You Tube, and they were getting bonuses left and right! It looks like so much fun! Then I went to Vegas and found it over at the Cosmopolitan and sank $300 into it for nothing. Kept collecting coins but never exploded.

  6. I think this game was boring to you! 😂😂 it looks like it could be fun but those pays aren’t very good. I’ll probably steer clear of it. Thanks for sharing Albert!!

  7. First to comment once again! Yippee! Great video as always Albert! It would be great if you received at least one additional spin during the free spins bonus for each level you advanced to. But ,that would mean that greedy Mr. Monopoly would have to fork over more money! LOL! Hope you enjoy your weekend Albert and best of luck to you if you play those slots!

  8. Wow what a waste of light bulbs! Better luck with the next game. 😀😀😀

  9. If you need conversation at the Casino then this is the game for you lol.. Boy Mr Monopoly was chatty lol..Fun to play but your right didn't seem like very good payouts.Cheers thanks for posting..

  10. Mr. Monopoly could have given you more money instead of showing you his money 💰. Lol 😆. Good Session. Thanks for sharing ☘ 🎰 💸

  11. Not sure about 3 reel games … 007 and Monopoly have disappointed me in this format. This looks kinda fun! Always love your chanel!

  12. wow first one . Good luck . Get 2.Ooo.000 😀😀😀😀😀

  13. Omg!!! All this game needed was Mr monopoly to grab your 100 bucks with an evil laugh and then shuffle his cash in ur face! Ahh ha he was a bit rude wasn't he! Glad u didn't continue to play! Thanks for taking the slap in the face for us!

  14. What the heck? That Board Bonus is weak. I wouldn't even call it that. It's just a picking feature. And all you got was the minimum multiplier every time in the free spins, what the heck? I think you'll like Cheaters Edition more than this one.

  15. This Slot version of Monopoly put me to sleep almost as fast as the board game version! Lol! Thanks for sharing Albert, have a super weekend.

  16. I would have gone for both bonuses too! What a terrible paying game. I’m sad to think how worse the pays would be on minimum bet! Mr. Monopoly is getting rich off of all the poor people who play his slot lol 🤣thanks for sharing Albert and good luck with these NEW SLOTS old slots for the win! 👍😎🎰🖖

  17. Nice session game doesn’t pay well thanks for sharing $$$$$man avid fan

  18. As a life long monopoly game fan this version is a bit of a disappointment. The pays are absolutely craptastic. I will pass this version and head straight to the also new Cheaters Monopoly version. I would maybe stick a 20 or 50 but don’t see myself playing it for long. TYFS

  19. I don't know about this game but it seems to not want to pay very well …lol. Hopefully if you decide in the future to play this again you'll have better luck .

  20. You already forgot the trick on wage saver! What a horrible game!

  21. Interesting! Don’t think I will be playing this one! Thanks for sharing!

  22. OMG this game SUCKED LIKE A VACUUM! Thank you Albert for being the sucker….er….nice guy to try out this SG POS so I know to NEVER go there LOL!

  23. Yikes, will run from this if I ever see it! Wish it would have shown you what 'go, wild, go' could do. You gave it lots of opportunities to show what it can do, freaking machine nose dived! Thanks for the heads up Albert!

  24. What a robber! Worst machine ever. -_- Thanks for sharing it, Albert!

  25. But who are you going to fight with and flip the board 😂

  26. Darn…I was hoping you'd recoup more of your $$, BUT any $$ back is good. Thanks for taking one for the team(us) to see the different Bonuses. Enjoyed watching for potential.

  27. this game is terrible. i played it a few times and ive watched people play it. ive never seen anyone win anything big on it. i sway away from it.

  28. I think the older versions of the Monopoly games were much more fun. Been years since I've played any though. 😄 Good luck Albert!😁

  29. Nice first impression Albert. I think the one bonus with the wild multiplier has potential. Thanks for sharing

  30. Remember that saying "Where's the Beef" well "Where's the Money" all these new games have the best graphics but barely pay out $100 in bonus rounds

  31. approx $250 needed to hit a bonus round? Looks like a high volatility machine. I would play on an older monopoly machine but as someone who has seen changes in Vegas over the years; the slots have gone from a pull handle to be more graphical, more screens, more sounds and gestures where you wave/swipe/moon the machine to get it to pay out. interactive! although what can be more interactive than pulling a handle??
    as as far a stop playing, you seem an intelligent guy who knew what your were doing when sat down. It's your money you are free to do what you want with it.

  32. Not enough bonus 😕 not my kind of slots

  33. I played a monopoly game and it looked so fun! But I lost a few hundred bucks! Never got a bonus. Thanks for playing it was so good to see 2 bonuses wow. Never seem them before


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