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💰 Play Monopoly Game with Microsoft Excel | Excel Sifu

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Personally I enjoy playing casual monopoly game with my kids. The fallback on traditional game set is counting money.

In last MCO (Movement Control Order, aka lockdown in Malaysia), I quickly hop on computer and created this simple solution.

After relooking at it, I learned this is similar to business world because

👉 create #SmallWins is for long term success
👉 #digitalization could be as simple as a spreadsheet
👉 be #resourcefulness to use whatever resources available to make things happen

What have you learned from a monopoly game❓

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  1. Hello, I keep having issues with the conditional formatting on the player names. It only highlights 2 of the 6 players. Any tips? I am following your tutorial but still having issues.

  2. How can you make profit and loss for each player so at the end of the fame you cN see how much money have the players lost and how much profit has been gained

  3. hi i just try your tuturiol on Friday night, i like it and i was able to do it! Thanks for sharing this I learn something new today!!

  4. Wesley Chan, Sales Breakthrough Coach says:

    Well done! Interesting.

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