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💰 Play Monopoly Game with Microsoft Excel | Excel Sifu

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Personally I enjoy playing casual monopoly game with my kids. The fallback on traditional game set is counting money.

In last MCO (Movement Control Order, aka lockdown in Malaysia), I quickly hop on computer and created this simple solution.

After relooking at it, I learned this is similar to business world because

👉 create #SmallWins is for long term success
👉 #digitalization could be as simple as a spreadsheet
👉 be #resourcefulness to use whatever resources available to make things happen

What have you learned from a monopoly game❓

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  1. hi i just try your tuturiol on Friday night, i like it and i was able to do it! Thanks for sharing this I learn something new today!!

  2. Wesley Chan, Sales Breakthrough Coach says:

    Well done! Interesting.

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