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10 Games Better Than Monopoly – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel presents 10 games that are better than Monopoly!

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  1. According to BGG, there are 14018 games better than Monopoly. Is this series based on finding a game around number 14000 that people have heard of, then picking tens games better than it?

  2. I really REALLY like this series! SO many people hear about gaming conventions (we go to Origins and GenCon) and ask me "what do you do, play Monopoly all day?" *blank stare. So now I'll just show them this vid!

  3. It always Irks me when people complain about monopoly, and when pressed its because they're playing it WRONG. Play it right, no free parking jackpot, limited houses/hotels, no taking them off the board, auction properties to get a feel for "the market". You'll be done in under an hour.

  4. Tom, how do you feel about Hotel Tycoon?

  5. Stockpile and Chinatown are my permanent replacements for Monopoly. Chinatown is perfect for boiling a game down to nothing but the deal making aspect. A very social game that very much supports the bad deals Monopoly doesn't actually mechanically support. However, it is extremely focused on just making money like crazy. Stockpile is my game for really trying to balance out the spending money to make money and trying not to go too far broke but still stay in the game acquiring new stuff.

  6. when i listen to your voice and seeing your facial expressions you remind me of G.R.R Martin. Someone else?

  7. I could have sworn i saw a 10 games better then poker the other day.

  8. I thought this was going to be a 26 second video. "You know what's better than Monopoly? About 89% of all boardgames in existence. The end."

  9. Can you do a video on games with a rummy mechanic like phase 10?

  10. Better than Monopoly? …any other game ever made?

  11. This had to be the easiest list to make ever, lol.  I can't hate Monopoly, because my wife loves it, but I can only do maybe 1 – 2 plays per year.  Anything over that, and I'm done with it,

  12. Was waiting for Lords of Vegas, but towards the end I had a feeling he forgot about it. I just played that yesterday! Anything is better than Monopoly, but LoV has property management, trading almost anything between players, buying, gambling, collecting sets, etc…

  13. Surprised New York 1901 didn't make it on your list. Whenever I introduce someone new to that game I always tell them that it's the game Monopoly should've been 😉

  14. There are 1000s of games better than Monopoly.
    You could randomly grab 10 games off the shelves of a board game shop to create this list. Easiest Top 10 ever.

  15. Bonanza is another good replacement in terms of wheeling and dealing and has no dice at all.

  16. I think it would be harder to come up with a list of 10 games worse than monopoly. I'm not even sure you could fill that list.

  17. Guys just playTicket to Ride honestly. You collect sets, while building something (a very big railroad), having a sense of accomplishment. Also, it's for entry level players

  18. I got a game that's better than Monopoly….Twilight Imperium 4!!!

  19. this is the 1st time ive ever seen you mention catan

  20. I would have included "Ticket to ride" since the goal is to compete against others to control routs.

  21. I fell like Ticket to Ride its a nice game for Monopoly lovers, it has the set collection aspect, the feeling of building toward something, also the fact that you are trying to buy the roads you need while also blocking other players possible routes, like in monopoly you can buy a property just to mess with the other player game plan. Better yet, Ticket to Ride has no player elimination, plays in like half the time monopoly does and features secret objectives that can turn the tide, so you stay engaged the whole game and its super easy to learn.

  22. There is a Steam game called Goblins Inc. that captures the essence of Monopoly and expands on it. I really love the game and wish they would make a board game version of it.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Citadels. Thats a great game!

    You've used Can't Stop on your "10 games better than Uno" already!

  23. Monopoly is a game that brings out the worst in me… I cant play it.

  24. Monopoly the card game (same theme but shorter), Bonanza (trading), quadropolis (city building)

  25. Machi Koro is the best replacement for my Monopoly, in my opinion.

  26. This game is so popular you could say it has the… puts on glasses Monopoly, over most afternoons

  27. IMO, Chinatown HAS to be on this list! It's Monopoly without the dice chucking. Pure negotiation for properties. It's my automatic recommendation.

  28. The only game more boring than monopoly is aquire…

  29. Our CC progams have a long way to go when "Hey folks I'm Tom Vassel" becomes "a book sometimes a**hole."

  30. Okay, I feel like all these games take one or 2 aspects of monopoly. I love every aspect of monopoly, to find a better game than monopoly it would have to contain at least all aspects of monopoly which is what I was expecting from this video. Monopoly can be played in a timely fashion and be very fun. You just have to find people who want to play the game, not people who are being dragged across the finish line.

  31. I love Monopoly…when it's played correctly. One of the biggest reasons people see it go on and on and on is because of the occurrence of landing on Free Parking and getting tons of cash. That's not anywhere in the ruleback. It's made up.

  32. I want a D&D game that progresses like the movement of monopoly. Instead of buying the property, you pull a card and roll to solve the encounter.

  33. Considering the people most likely to see this video, it's unfortunate that Machi Koro's card are not depicted in English.

  34. Really good list 👍🏻
    I think I will buy three of these games

  35. I like the video but I would like it more if you went a little more in depth about each game and why it's better than monopoly. Like what specifically, in your opinion, it is that makes it better.

  36. happy pigs just describes how insane humans are. designing and playing a game with such a cruel topic and ironically calling ist "happy" pigs. so sick. but that´s how the world is. so sad.

  37. Monopoly deal is a good replacement, 15min playtime and all the elements of monopoly without the bordem.

  38. What is this obscure "Catan" game you speak of?

  39. If you like the trap-laying aspect of Monopoly, Marrakech might be a good replacement

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