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10 Untold Truths About McDonald’s Monopoly

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Here’s a list of the Top 10 Untold Truths About McDonald’s Monopoly! Everyone loves winning on McDonald’s Monopoly so today we count down 10 things you didn’t know about McDonald’s Monopoly!
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McDonald’s Monopoly is a collaboration between the fast food giant and Hasbro, the creator of the board game Monopoly. The gameplay is fairly simple. You get game pieces when you buy certain items on the menu. The pieces represent property on the board. You collect the tokens, color-match the properties, and win a huge prize. See? Simple. Well, not exactly. There’s a reason McDonald’s Restaurants patrons haven’t all turned into millionaires overnight. There’s always a catch. So let’s roll the dice and check out these 10 untold truths about McDonald’s Monopoly.

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0:35 The Myth of Park Place
1:49 So Many Game Pieces
3:06 Not All Pieces Are Created The Same
4:32 Fraud and McDonald’s Monopoly
5:44 No Purchase Necessary
6:44 Monopoly’s Marketing Success
7:57 You Won’t Become a Millionaire
9:08 The Average Joe Doesn’t Win Much
10:22 There’s a McDonald’s Monopoly Movie Coming Soon
11:28 Playing McDonald’s Monopoly Online

– As you can expect not all single tokens are winners. Some need to be combined together in groups before you can claim your prize. Naturally the more pieces you need for a certain puzzle, the less value each piece has for the players.
– For a game played everywhere from Canada to South Africa and from New Zealand to Germany and with such huge cash prizes, you’d wonder how come the number of millionaires in the world isn’t doubling every few days.
– You know the saying, all men are equal in the eyes of the law but some are more equal than others? Granted, it’s steeped in cynicism, but it applies perfectly to the game of McDonald’s Monopoly.
– With the odds of winning the big prizes stacked so high, not everyone plays fair. In fact, the history of the game is marred with fraud. The fraud didn’t involve McDonald’s or its employees though.
– While some people try to rig the game in their favor, others resort to some unusual ways to get their hands on the precious pieces. Now you might think that your only way of getting a token is if you bought a menu item that rewards you with a game piece.
– Even though the million dollar prize remains as elusive as ever, there are other prizes which are still quite valuable. And people win all the time. So why does McDonald’s keep rolling out the game year after year? Surely they must be losing money by now, having to give away all those cash prizes, ATVs, and Xbox sets. What do they get in return? Well, for one thing, they get a lot of publicity.
– This one might come as a shock to you so you’d better be sitting down while you’re watching this. Even if the stars aligned and you finally got so lucky that you landed that elusive piece and won the top prize, you still won’t become a millionaire. McDonald’s won’t pay you $1,000,000 dollars in cash.
– Every one of us thinks they are special. We’re either smarter than people around us, more gifted, have special talents, or we’re just luckier. Yes, we all believe Lady Luck favors us with her winning smile more than anyone else. It’s an illusion, but we take comfort in believing that.
– Because of the sensational nature of the fraud case and the years it had gone undetected, the story got the attention of Hollywood. There’s talk that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck would star in a movie adaptation of this heist.
– There’s another form for the traditional McDonald’s Monopoly game that you can play online. It was introduced back in 2005 and has had huge success. The rules for the game are different depending on your location. But generally speaking you use a code instead of a physical game piece and you’re allowed to enter 10 codes every 24 hours.

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  1. I collect the monopoly stickers to enter them in the McD’s promotion website.

  2. I got a miles canyon ticket and it says 10 000 dollars. I’m pretty sure it’s a cheque for 10 000 dollars. Do I need one more piece?

  3. Fuckin cons! No wonder we never heard of anyone getting the million cash prices

  4. Lol I thought this was gonna talk about an actual monopoly over the food industry McDonald's had. XD

  5. I actually got Boardwalk one time. Didn't get Park Place that year tho XD

  6. I used to empty trash bags at a mini mall. During the game I would pick out all the cups and other items that had game pieces. I collected thousands of them and never came close to winning anything of real value.

  7. It’s park lane not park place and mayfair not boardwalk

  8. I may have to do the 100 handwritten notes to McDs. lol

  9. I had both boardwalk and park place a few years ago and now watching this video I realized I could of been getting my 50k a year😤😏

  10. McD food taste like cardboard and rubber with ketchup

  11. In regards to your comment on the McMillions movie I would like to point out some facts, anyone that takes the word of a FBI guy is a fool.
    In that so-called "movie" and I use that term loosely the FBI right at the very beginning iof the movie are outright lying!
    I guarantee that the Florida FBI do not sit around their desks everyday and just worry about health fraud, that's just a false premise as a way of introducing the new rookie FBI guy!
    The FBI demonstrate in that very movie they are not trying to catch a bad guy, and instead are trying to set up a person as a bad guy by doing and staging everything themselves!
    The FBI freely demonstrate how they recruit civilians that are not badge carriers into sting operations and demonstrate how easy it is for FBI to recruit as many people as they want with no actual restriction in how many people they recruit!
    Notice how easy it is for FBI to fabricate anything they want, they can fabricate any corporation any time they want for any reason or purpose they want, they can even fabricate a corporation for the purpose of setting up one man!
    If the FBI can create out of thin air one corporation then they can create out of thin air as many corporations as they want to, they can even create a corporation to run and handle the Monopoly game for McDonald's and then stage/commit the fraud themselves and then set up a fall guy!
    Notice how secretive the FBI is and tries to hide things from most people and they just make up excuses as to why they try to hide things, don't change the fact FBI hides things!
    What do the FBI got to hide if their the so-called good guys???
    If FBI can look their target in the face and outright lie to set up their target then FBI can just as easily look into a camera and lie to anyone that watches their interview with that camera thus they can just as easily klie to EVERYONE!
    Since it's so easy for FBI to fabricate whatever they want including corporations and to recruit as many non-badge carriers into their "operations" as they want to then it would by nothing for FBI to create and or already have control of another movie company and use THAT company to film/produce the propaganda film McMillions!
    It's silly and naive, even cute in this day and age to take the word of trained organized known liars such as the FBI and to just blindly assume the company that runs the McMillions game contest for McDonald's is not already under the control of the FBI!
    Remember the FBI try to hide the fact they recruit civilians into their operations so it's nothing for FBI to come up with dozens, even hundreds of people that will lie for them!
    I am not saying fraud did not take place, what I am saying is the situation is much bigger and worse than the FBI let on because it is the FBI that did EVERYTHING and then set up a fall guy and look how easy it is for them to recruit accomplices!
    Just saying!
    That so-called rookie FBI guy in that movie is a life time sting op and trained liar and hustler he grins and smirks while lying and shooting the bull because he thoroughly enjoys lying and staging and faking shit!
    He is a typical grinning smirking op, don't trust such people around children their dangerous their known to use pre-school aged children to pose with photo doubles in order to frame their targets as pedophiles!
    Such sting op's are also fond of sabotaging amusement rides at amusement parks!

  12. At least McDs let StJude keep their money. I'm sure dude did that bc he was feeling guilty. He shldv listened to the bad feeling and stopped! It's crazy how many people won't listen to that lil voice/feeling telling them something wrong. Not just when doing criminal isht but there are lots of times when people say "i got a bad feeling but I didn't wanna seem rude/ didn't wanna hurt SOMEONE feelings" i've always said FUCK THAT! I'd rather someone else feelings hurt than me or someone i love hurt some how bc I ignored my intuition

  13. Someone should beat the hell out of that jerome Jacobson guy

  14. When does the next game of Monopoly start

  15. This is the dumbest, most obvious video I have ever wasted my time watching.

  16. The free food is the best prize not the 1,00,00,00

  17. I hate playing real monopoly but Maccy's Monopoly has given me some good offers such as a free Coke Zero Sugar, this was with the UK

  18. in the event that you want to earn $200 with McDonald's Gift Cards google: FreeBURGER .me . (search without gaps), for my wife, it's Powerful.

  19. I love that game but never win nothing at McDonald's🤑😞😔💰💵👍🏿🍔🍟❤

  20. I won so many things last year! I even won a Volkswagen T-cross car, but I didn’t redeem it and it expired.

    A moment of silence for my old stash…

  21. What’s the app called I can’t find it or not sure which one is real.

  22. Unless you live in Quebec where lottery winnings are taxed because Canada's most beautiful province is also the worst to live in 💔

  23. Spend 1 million dollars on monopoly to win 1 million dollars… maybe.

  24. The only thing i like about this i can get free chicken nuggets

  25. Parent Trap,Monopoly game,Cub Scout,Love Connection, or 🧳

  26. My dad used to work for Dwight Baker he was a real ass hole he gave my dad a nice truck then took it back after a few months gave him a shitty one and then skipped town and never gave my dad his pay check

  27. Me and my mom actually won the Big Blue piece in Canada back in 2015

  28. I didn't care if I didn't win money. Winning a free something was the best. Everytime we went at least one member got a free fries or like a free burger. That was enough to brighten our day.

  29. My biggest monopoly price is a quarter pounder with cheese or mchicken sandwich

  30. Lots of people doesn’t even play it and end up in the bin after eating their meals, winning pieces could be found in bins

  31. 50k a year? Its like I'd be having McDonald's to manage my savings account for free

  32. I just got 1 of 2 Mayfair’s. (Btw it’s the $1K online one, not the 100k one

  33. In the meantime while the person responsible for making this video is trying to discourage us from wanting to win….I know your true agenda 🤨
    Im grateful that I will be blessed with the Big prize money in Jesus name amen 🙏

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