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11 Rules You’re Getting Wrong In Monopoly The Board Game

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The Board Game Sanctuary Presents
11 Rules People Play Incorrectly In Monopoly The Board Game

Monopoly is a board game that has traversed the sands of time, being played from generation to generation and from cardboard to the digital platform. It is such a memorable game because its fun playing with paper money, rolling dice and playing for hours and hours using house rules that have either developed or evolved over time.

This video aims to clarify some of the actual Monopoly Rules that players may not be aware of.

Please don’t let this change the way you play because if what you’re doing is fun, keep playing it your way!

The Board Game Sanctuary aims to share the hobby of board gaming with the community in a passionate, fun, educational and light hearted way that introduces the world of gaming to newcomers.

Credits to the Monopoly Rule Book Hasbro Gaming 2013


  1. monopoly in a nutshell: look i have very much cash, huh where it go? oh i had to pay the other players TAXES

  2. I HATE the doing 1 lap before buying anything. I've played with that rule twice and BOTH times I've landed on the go to jail square and just instantly lost the game because most people had 3-5 properties by the time I finished my lap and never managed to catch up

  3. Honestly i don't care how people play the game as long they are having fun and good video

  4. Roll doubles more then three times you go to jail!

  5. IDK Man these rules destroy fun from the game

  6. My only house rule is when there’s an auction, you have to go up by $10 at least
    Cuz its so annoying when people just keep going up by $1 and it takes ages

  7. The rule about auctioning the property off if you dont buy it is so dumb

  8. I see my comment on the computer hi me

  9. Its not aloud to build amy houses or hotels when you put one street on mortgage. But ots okej to let the houses or hotel that was already build on other 2 streets to be untouched. I dont have to sell them, before using desparate opertiunity of mortgage, right?

  10. You forgot to name one rule that sas, if a player buys a mortgage street from another player he dont have to close the mortgage right away, he can pay 10 % and then wait untill he have enought money to pay mortgage but then he have to pay 10% again when then loan is closed. So it become lite double paymant.

  11. can we buy houses in monopoly the moment someone lands on your property


  13. One rule change I do is not to bother with the one notes. Round things to the nearest 5.

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  15. i like how u explain things,ur video doesnt bored like the other

  16. I don't like the real rules. I'll stick to the ones I made up.

  17. Can somebody explain i dont understand when you mortgage a property what 10 percent are u paying for when u r trying to flip it?

  18. What does mortgage and unmortage mean

  19. 1. Parking coupled with tax money is fun, but makes the game longer. It should be discussed at the beginning.
    2. Bankruptcy due to one player provides the player with all the other's properties (after they sold the houses and mortgaged the properties)

  20. Can you buy one property at a time or does it have to be multiples of however many properties you have so if you have three properties you must buy three houses at once or can you buy one house at a time for all three properties?

  21. I’ve always been really into the rules of monopoly and agreed/enforced them when playing…
    only exception to the rules I’ll allow (as long as other players agree) is the private cash/loan stuff.
    If the game is getting down to 2 people and I’m winning, I like trying to even out the score on the board with my opponent to keep the game going.
    No fun killing someone at monopoly quickly just from bad luck with the die lol

  22. Rule 11 Correction –> This only happens if you owe the bank. If you are bankrupt due to owing a player rent, you give all your assets of value (properties, mortgaged properties, cash, get out of free cards) to the owed player.

  23. I’m surprised that free parking thing was actually a popular mistake. I mean why? There’s never any mention of free parking gets money in the instructions. I always thought free parking was just a useless square and I was right :/

  24. Auctions here starts at $10 and players can bid as little as $1.

  25. there are a couple of these that can be answered with "depends on how you play".

  26. Hi ik im late just wanted to know when 2 players bids if the properties cost lets say 100dollars player 1 bid 100 then player 2 bid 150 can play 2 surrender during this bid even if he has more money or he should continue like can a player surrender or give up/fold during a bid i hope this get answered thanks

  27. I wonder if anyone has really played monopoly the correct way in years. And therefore the bad rep it gets may not really be deserved.
    I remember when I was trying to teach the game and looking up how much money each person gets to start I saw this whole section on auctioning properties. And I gave up on those rules since it was so different than what I was used to. Andy no one else I played with had ever heard of the rule either.

  28. Can you only buy houses when you own all the same set colour streets?

  29. rule 2 is kinda complicated for my family so i will ignore that one

  30. Let's say a player lands on a property but don't have enough money to pay the owner for the hotel and all the player's property have been mortgage. Does they player give the owner all their money and their mortgage property? Or just the money and the mortgage property is up for auction by the bank?

  31. Rolls a 2…. moves 3 spaces 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤔🤔

  32. 11) Wrong. That only happens if the Bank is the creditor; if the creditor is another player that player immediately receives all that the bankrupt player has of value except Houses and Hotels (which are sold for the usual half price, and the creditor also receives this cash).

  33. Whenever i've played I don't think we ever auctioned off any properties, we either buy the property or leave it, at least if I recall correctly as it's been a while. Then again generally we would buy a property if we landed on it anyway.

  34. When I play with friends we don't do mortgages.

  35. ACTUALLY if a player owes a player money and they cant affored rent or the money they owe them all of their assets is in the renters hands

  36. You forgot the "Hotel Trap" rule. This is a hole in the rules, that the university Monopoly tournaments asked Parker Brothers to answer. It is…

    Hotel Trap:

    Players: What happens if you have hotels and have to sell a house, but there is a housing shortage with not enough houses? (For example, you own the light blues, with three hotels, and have to sell one house to pay a debt. But there are only 3 house in the bank.)

    Parker Brothers: All hotels in that color group must be sold in their entirety, for 1/2 of the price to build the 5 houses which make up that hotel. (In the example above, houses on the light blue properties cost $50 each. There are 3 hotels so 3 x 5 x $50 = $750 to buy those 3 hotels. You would get 1/2 that value ($375) for selling the three hotels.

    (I know Hasbro has bought Parker Brothers. If they have since changed this rule, I've not heard of it.)

    As for people playing the game wrong, most people have no clue about the rules for housing shortages.

    Warm regards, Rick.

  37. What I get from this video and comments is that Capitalism is only fun/fair when regulated but if you're winning then it's nowhere near as fun as an unregulated broken mess of house rules.

  38. In regard to the last rule I thought when a player was bankrupt all their assets went to the player that they owe the money to it would only go to the bank if the thing that was causing the bankruptcy is a result of the bank

  39. You're actually wrong about the last one. It is true that a bankrupted player's properties are auctioned if they owe the bank money, but when they are in debt to another player, said player collects all of their properties, as well as any get-out-of-jail-free cards they may have. The player must then unmortgage any of the new properties or just pay the interest like you said earlier in the video.

  40. rule 11 is only if you go bankrupt to the bank. If you bankrupt to a player all houses/hotels are sold and then the player gains all property and money. The previous mortgage rule applies and must be paid when acquired.

  41. What happens when a player cannot afford rent to another player, but they own properties? Must they first sell all their houses, then mortgage all their properties, and if they still cannot afford rent, they must forfeit to the other player their properties that recently mortgaged? Or, can they just give up their properties to the other player without mortgaging them, along with all their cash? (Do they even also get the insufficient cash from a bankrupt player or does it go back to the bank?)

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