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18 Classic Board Games of Family Game Night | Gaming B4 Apps

The GEN Xperience
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Before there were apps, we all played Board Games. So many options, here are 18 Classic Board Games from the time before Apps that we played together for Family Game Night and parties. Family game night provided hours of fun with various board games, recall t hese 18 favorites from the Gen X era.


  1. I appreciate the "Charade" reference. It's my favorite film!

  2. We had the Titanic board game you show in this video. (I can't believe I forgot about it!)We also had a Monopoly rip-off called "Go to Texas!" that my uncle sent us when he moved there.We had "Trouble!" but we also had a similar game, "Headache" which also had the Pop-A-Matic bubble.Watching this video brought back a lot of fond memories. Thank you.

  3. I remember going to the movies to see the Helen Hunt film "Twister". The next day, my friend asked me if it was good.
    I told him that I was bored watching "Right hand red, left foot green" for 2 hours.

  4. I came from a large family, so we had tons of board games. We played Monopoly a lot.
    I would always use the top hat as my token, and when I went bankrupt, I would turn the hat upside down like I was saying, "Brother, can you spare a dime?" I remember my mother playing with us one time and I asked her what token she wanted to use. She said, "Anything but the flatiron" because she hated ironing!
    One of my favorite games was a little-known one called "Hide 'N' Thief". I wish I still had that one even though I haven't played a board game in decades. Another favorite was the card game "Waterworks". (Thinking about that game makes me wish I had become a plumber when I grew up.)

  5. I didn’t have the jaws game but a tone down version where you just catch fish on a motorized base. What about the mall game? Or was that early 90s?

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