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1988 Mcdonald’s Monopoly Game TV Commercial

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This ad was clipped from a 1988 episode of the Wonder Years. It features the return of the Monopoly game. It originally aired on KTVK channel 3 in Phoenix. In 1988 KTVK was the local ABC affiliate.


  1. The last honest year of the McDonald’s monopoly game before the next 12 years of no one outside of Florida winning sh*t. Billions and billions of $$$ spent at those restaurants in hopes of winning a big prize. Huge ass waste of time! 🖕🏾you ya greedy *ss piles of sh*t! 🤨👎🏾😒🙄🤦🏽‍♂️🚮🎤⬇️

  2. if i played monopoly at mcdonald’s then i would want to win food prizes rather than cars or vacations or a million dollars

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