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2012 McDonald’s Monopoly Game Board and Game Pieces – Play To Win!

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​​​Watch our product feature video for a 2012 McDonald’s Monopoly Game Board and Game Pieces.


  1. I got soo lucky in 2013 todayi have like 2 fiats 2 year shell gas and 1,035,000

  2. Interesting to find out if it does show up or just regional to certain areas.. Report back

  3. I wish, we entered all of the codes…

  4. You had boardwalk?!?! Maybe back in the day park place was the rare piece,,, im not falling for that though

  5. Getting old I guess.. One or the other, still thought I was the big winner! Have you ever watched the YT videos of people that give the fake Lotto tickets to people at a family party? You know the guy jumping all over, "I won 1M dollars" then the big let down… It was all a joke – !!! Living the feeling for a moment is fun!

  6. Well, first off – it is a video for a product. Second, you have no CLUE… In fact, I support all my local restaurants, I ate at 2 this weekend – If they had good video content, then we would make a video for them. There are a lot of hard working people in fast food of every type. We are not talking management here, we are talking good people that need the work. – Take your anger out on the "Corporate" machine.

  7. Let's clarify… First, I have been in some of the restaurants on that show. Second, we are not reviewing or visiting McDonalds and its food, just the game that people play, it happens to be attached to the food. Both have hard workers in the trenches, one is just run by the corporate machine – one Americans job is no less important then the other to me. If McD's went away, it is the workers that are screwed, not corporate, they will probably make more money. I can talk food all day!


  9. Hey thanks for stopping in! We appreciate it…

  10. Sat night spent $12 at MCDD's. Just for me!..Even got a eggnog shake OMG!!! too good….Was all excited to play the game , just to find out everything I bought didn't have a game peice on it. So not one. baaa haaa did enter code from bag for a few house entries. Game not too much fun, PUT A PEICE ON EVERTHING….U should as we the consumer, who LOVES MCDONALDS, doesn't read the rules ,,,which i did afterwards & found out that only "select" items have a game peice. That sucks…don't U agree?

  11. PS..Im really pissed. When I go to MDD's it's a treat! I don't eat like that all the time. This is what I got..1/3 angus burger meal which included a med shake & what I thought looked like a lg fry,apple pie, pumpkin pie, 6 peice mcnuggut, cheese mcdouble. got home…not one peice…OH i shared with pets, had leftovers, BUT I PIGGED OUT…….Come on MCDONALDS…I'm sure it's some "marketing" thing that i don't understand, tring to get you to buy certain items,y not give 1 just for any purchase

  12. new code released 10 / 26! for $10,000 see under video! update B29349 channel

  13. Great videos. I'm wondering. Your voice in this video sounds different than the others..

  14. That is LPS-Jim – he has made some videos….

  15. Over here in NZ, we are doing the game for the first time….with a promotion of a frozen coke to kick it off….with monopoly money…..

  16. That is pretty cool – explain the frozen Coke thing?

  17. Well, when it started, they did a promo on Facebook, to tell everyone that on the launch of the game, that you can buy just for one day, a small frozen coke with monopoly money.

  18. yep, and it looked fun too

  19. Lol the best way to do it is to work in mcdonald. You get free food everyday you work and you get 50% off on stand off purchase.

  20. Yo mama is so poor that she won a HAPPYMEAL at McDonald's

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