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2019 Monopoly Voice Banking Game Review from Hasbro Gaming

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NEW Monopoly Voice Banking from Hasbro! No cash and no banker make this a faster game and one you can’t cheat at! Mr. Monopoly handles everything electronically from the voice-activated top hat! See how to play in this video review! For full review and shopping info►

Product Info: Nobody has to be the banker when you play Monopoly because in Monopoly Voice Banking, there’s no cash! This new way to play the classic board game is the third cashless Monopoly game but the first to be cashless and voice-activated. There’s a large plastic top hat in the middle of the game board that serves as electronic bank and banker. When you press the button on the top hat and give a voice command, Mr. Monopoly will talk to you. Each player gets a list of voice commands to reference while playing the game, and these commands will activate electronic transactions to buy a property, pay rent, pick up a Chance card, get out of jail, and check your balance, to name a few.

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  1. Sorry but id prefer to play it and teach my kids the old way of playing Monopoly… This whole thing of a cashless society I never want to know..


  3. 🏦 💵 💰 🌈 🏰
    Back 2 basics 🔢🔤🏫

  4. I imagine hell being something one would look forward to playing this game.

  5. A festive game of monopoly wouldn't be the same without a bank robbery though

  6. It’s all fun and games until you try and play this in a loud environment

  7. People could make this game for existing services like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and even win some cash by selling additional boards. I would love to play the full game and have it speak to me. Being born blind, unless I have sighted assistance, the real Monopoly game has no accessibility. However, a voice-based one would be perfect! And not only for me, but for people with low coordination that cannot throw the dice because of movement impairments.

  8. I can imagine the amount of batteries I’d go through

  9. all of them are wearing Mr Monopoly's top hat so no one gets confused as to who is playing with which piece, good idea hasbro

  10. Is this the same woman that’s a psychologist

  11. Fun great version, even to a Monopoly traditionalist.

  12. Mine doesn’t beep it just says say pasco or chascar

  13. Mine just says “Pass Go or Chance Card”

  14. The auction rule can be exploited early to make the game so lopsided such that someone who cannot buy properties will never be able to do so. When there are two players, if one of them is short of cash and cannot buy any properties, the auction that is forced will ensure that the player who has money will always buy ANY properties he wants for $50-$100. This sets at a disadvantage the cash strapped player and has effectively ended games for us after 4 or 5 turns. You need 3-4 players per game. Having only two players will make your games very, very short. Also, the banker cannot understand the word Ventnor. As the game goes longer, the AI banker will lose track of totals and property ownership.

  15. I like the voice banking, but why are they changing the spaces on the board? No need to add or take away anything. People love monopoly the way it is.


  17. Just purchased the game today. The game goes a lot quicker and more efficient! Change the batteries out as soon as you open! We tried to play with the demo batteries and it didn’t go well lol.

  18. I have that game so here’s a true story
    (Not trying to be mean)

    Dad: pay rent on
    Mr. Monopoly: for which property?
    Dad: New York
    Mr. Monopoly: FoR WhIcH pRoPeRtY?
    Dad: New York
    Mr. Monopoly: fOr wHiCh PrOpErTy?
    Dad: New York!
    Mr. Monopoly: *pays rent for states*
    Me: *laughing super hard
    (BTW I love this game)

  19. This game is the ultimate representation of an atomization or society, a simplifying degradation of what it is to be a thoughtful human—such garbage and completely devoid of humanity.

  20. I can see 1 more slight con in that you'll no longer physically have a property in possession so every time you land on a property and you're not sure you'll either have to command the bank to pay yourself or you gotta check back if you own that property whereas usually, you'd just give a quick glance like oh that's mine let's skip that step altogether.

  21. Can anybody tell me? When will monopoly voice banking come IN india?

  22. If i land on a trade space, is it a must for me to trade or can i just skip?

  23. Euston it’s said it hundreds of times dosent work

  24. BTW nobody don't explain how to play with examples/parties.
    Only smart faces.

  25. It’s so annoying doesn’t understand half of what we say

  26. Super electronic banking is faster and easier tho

  27. Watching videos on this product saved me money. Just the trailer alone. shudders

  28. Now you play monopoly without any physical money or credit cards. What might can be the next version? Bitcoin or etherium version.

  29. I am a big fan of monopoly, and I am not a fan of this version. Makes the game more complicated then it needs to be with having to constantly be looking at the card of the voice commands, and I also hate how new versions only have 2 properties per color set, railroads just take you around the board, and this version doesn’t even have utilities. Pretty bad if you ask me

  30. Wowwww great video young lady….Thanks alot for sharing.

  31. Fun game doesnt always get what the person says.differences in the accent…

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