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24 Hour Monopoly Animation Collaboration! – Game Grumps Animated

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A BUNCH OF AWESOME ANIMATORS. 10 seconds of animation each. 24 hours to make a complete GGA. Here are the results!
Please give huge compliments to the incredible artists who pulled this off:
Mangomation Animation ►
David Hootselle ►
Team Egg ►
Kai Newton ► & Emily Stay ►
Steve Dorian ►
Liam ►
SmashToons ►
Darcy Rose ►
Pivots ►
Simon Macko ►
Wonchop ►
Jae55555 ►

Original Episode ►
Thank you to Ludolik for helping organize this project! ►


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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

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  1. I love how they animated Arin as poor but he actually had almost 3 times the money Dan had until he rolled the 7 and lost 600

  2. Arin in the animation: poor
    Arin in the game: actually rich

  3. Dude Arin was ruined by that seven he turned into Dan Harmon

  4. 0:14 arin's face here is the only thing on this planet worth living

  5. I don't know why that Pig snork it reminds me of Brian Michael Hamby

  6. That moment at "There's a seven" and then the slap has me crying every single time, it's just so good.

  7. I was looking for this video in game grumps recent videos only to realize that it's already a year old

  8. Dan wheezing across the table to slap Arin killed me

  9. 1:34 made me laugh so hard xD the slap and the face arin makes holy shit

  10. Something ive just noticed, and i love it.
    In the first half, Arin has a metric load of money behind him, and as soon as Dan says "look at all the money you have!" The cash all swaps sides of the room.

    Attention to detail between multiple animators. Love it

  11. 0:15 I love this part so much its perfect in every way thank you shigloo

  12. The f$&king slap and then the wheeze got me crying laughing

  13. 1:21 Nobody's mentioning the foreshadowing of Arin rolling a 7 on the dice here

  14. 1. Pause video
    2. Skip to 1:34
    3. Put it at the lowest speed
    4. Unpause the video
    5. Have fun trying to breathe

  15. Ngl I love this so much because of that one scene at 1:35 where Dan turns into the long wheezing demon and slaps Arin in the face and he's just there Dumbstruck.

  16. Dan: "It happens if you roll a 4,6, or 7"
    Arin: "Uh I'm not going to" proceeds to roll a seven
    Dan: "That's a seven thank you-wheezes" Hearty Slap
    Arin: stares in disbelief

  17. I know everyone's talking about the smack, rightly so, but looking about 00:52 had so REALLY smooth animation.

  18. I like how Arin progressively gets more poor while Dan gets more rich to the point where Arin devolves into a beatboxing caveman and Dan evolves into a higher being but still loves Arin for what he is.

  19. I want to be mad but I just can't because at 1:34 that slap made me laugh so hard while I was eating, I just coughed and coughed. To the point of cry laughing while simultaneously about to puke from choking on the food.

  20. Everyone's talking about the slap and that's great, but I just love how Arin's hat doesn't fit in that scene.

  21. It's amazing how well these are animated under a 24 hour time crynch

  22. lies, video is in fact NOT 24 hours.

    smh my head

  23. 1:36 One of Arin's favorite drawings of all time according to him from playing Rubber Ross World.

  24. If this took 24 hours to make god knows how long the animate a grump collar took

  25. Think i'm going to come back here every now and then just to experience that cry laughter, because this is so hilarious

  26. I just noticed they always have mustaches when they’re in the “meeting”

  27. 0:48 Why did such an amazing person have to pass away. You will always be remembered, Steve Dorian, LemonyFresh, you amazing person.

  28. the face at 0:15 PERFECTLY matches Arins tone, it gets a laugh out of me every time. Not to mention Shooch's slap.

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