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5 Details about Mortgaging and Mortgages in Monopoly | Monopoly FAQ

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What to do before you Mortgage? How do you Mortgage and Un-Mortgage? Can you still collect rent on Mortgaged properties? Can you trade Mortgaged properties? Let’s answer these Monopoly FAQ’s. (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  1. In my monopoly version deluxe edition…there is no unmortgage. So now what do we do give the card to the bank ? That is what we used to do in the 80s …. you know when we ran ou of money and we couldn't pay rent to another player, taxes so on

  2. So is mortgaging properties better than selling them?

  3. Do we have to keep paying the mortgage plus 10% each of my turns to keep it mortgage? And how can this help?

  4. When can the other player buy mortgage property

  5. With regards to a player going bankrupt to another player, the new owner of their properties has to either pay the unmortgage cost now or just pay the 10% interest. What happens if they elect to only pay the interest but can’t afford the interest? Do they have to raise funds or risk bankruptcy to the bank? Or can they trade the property with other players?

  6. Thanks! This helped me a lot because I was confused about mortgage.

  7. When we land on someone's property when he just buy the title deed card, can we buy back the title deed from him and how much should it cost?
    Me and my friends often pay 150% of the price to buy it but i dont know if i play the rule right 😀

  8. While unmortgaging, do you add the 10% of the mortgage price or the original price? I was so confused while playing

  9. Do you have to land on a property you mortgaged to unmortgage it? Or can you unmortgage a property even when you're not on the space.

  10. Am so dumb i don’t understand mortgage bcz i never had a reason to ever understand it i dont own sh*t

  11. You're just saying what's written in the instructions, you're supposed to explain smh

  12. So technically, a mortgaged property is a free space for other players?

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