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A “Friendly” Game of Monopoly

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Man, Monopoly is such a fun and family friendly game — good for you and your pals!
Good thing it never ends with your sister tackling the guy beating everyone up… oh wait.

Huge thanks to Huion for sponsoring this and sending me a sick tablet to use! Check them out:
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Big thanks to AdamMakesAnimations for voicing the obnoxious brother (I thought he fit the part):

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Commonly asked questions:
“Hey Noah, what do you use to animate your videos?”
Good question! I use Toon Boom Harmony! ( )

“What do you edit your animations with?”
Adobe Premiere Pro! ( )

“I want to start my own animation channel, but I don’t know how to record my voice!”
Here, try Audacity! (IT’S FREE) (( ))

“I’m looking for cheap drawing tablets; any recommendations?”
Why, yes! Try the Wacom Intuos! It’s SORT OF cheap… ( )

Thanks for watching my animation! It means a lot to me 🙂



  2. I'm 8 and I'm good at stuff I'm good at stuff Mouzon what you said

  3. Your sister was past it the two green so he was being a cheater to win so he lose

  4. Yeah we always put the money from luxury tax, community chest, and chance in the middle and when you landed on free parking you got everything that was currently in the center of the board

  5. Ayyo, how do you pronounce your name? Is it Air-oh-uh? Air-oo-ah? Ay-row-uh? Ar-ah? Errands? Parents? Romance? Fragrance? French Revolution?

  6. Bakersfield Monopoly = Bonopoly

  7. I and my family used free parking as a jackpot place.
    If we ever had to pay something to the bank we put the money onto the middle of the board, the money on the middle of the board was the jackpot

  8. got a sister? oh~ well don’t mind if I do~

  9. My family just yells at me and doesn't finish because I always win

  10. The way we used free parking was that it had a 500 on it, in the middle, and when you had to pay into the middle it went on to free parking. The most money I’ve ever gotten was 3500k from free parking.

  11. yes the jackpot. also known as… LETS PLAY ALL DAM DAY

  12. guess what.
    free parking is supposed to be a jackpot space

  13. Free parking? What no that the Jackpot spot. no joke my family actually used that spot the same way yours did, we actually crossed out free parking and wrote jackpot on it with marker.

  14. My family would always put the tax in the middle to make it more interesting, it makes the percentage of a healthy family relationship go down 👍

  15. human money play with me online i swear im not evil

  16. This reminds me of the time it took two days for me to finish a monopoly game with my siblings. Well, I mean my sister. My brother got out pretty early.

  17. If you went to jail you would pay 50 to the center of the board same thing with tax and whoever lands on free parking gets the money in the center

  18. monopoly would always end with a lost friendship but thats a worthy sacrifice 😎

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