AI Learns Insane Monopoly Strategies -

AI Learns Insane Monopoly Strategies

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all hail the brown set, and rapidly auctioning everything, according to AI at least. 11.2 million games of self-play were used to discover the secrets of this classic game

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  1. I have always been buying browns lol, I knew it was the best sets to get

  2. Brown is strategically viable as in monopoly houses are limited

  3. Buy the orange properties, build hotels ASAP

  4. Does your AI also manually roll dice? Because that's gotta be key to learning to roll and basically cheat if you overlooked this.

  5. a unique and cool channel name that is fun to read says:

    We did, but then they started demanding rights

  6. the game that ruins families and destroys friendships

  7. How to win at Monopoly?

    Buy everything you land on, then make smart property trade .😉

  8. Very good- subscribed based on this! Could you please let me know what software/ engine you used as the "base" for this, before adding your algorithms etc?

  9. AI is at war with usa laws to divide us all.

  10. 獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ • 140 years ago says:

    Nice try user!

  11. i figured that out when i was a kid. the orange, and purples, and then the railroads are the best to get. they dont COST too much (therefore depleting your cash), if you get them all, you control an entire board side, therefore all but guaranteeing your opponents will land on one almost every turn around the board, the houses and hotels dont cost too much, but when fully housed or hotel'd up, the rent is enough to quickly drain your opponents. I have ALWAYS won any game where i control the oranges and purples, or i traded to get them all. it is by far the best strat i've ever found.

  12. This is an awesome video, but f*ck that game…

  13. Step 1 get lucky enough to land on streets.
    I had multiple games where i kept hitting the fields between or already sold streets.

  14. poor little AI construction bot.. 5 minutes of continuity .sleeping. bot.

  15. If I'm being honest every game if Monopoly that I remember playing, I've always bought the browns and then maxed them out to hotels. Why? Idk, they're cheap

  16. I have an oh board so there are no browns

  17. You'd start to wonder how the insights on the game translate to real life…

  18. My favorite strat is acquire all the 1s, then watch everyone else getting frustrated that no one can pay exact amounts and instead resort to IOUs.

  19. My friend and I used to play as kids and put all the cash in a pot. If one of us landed on Go To Jail we would win. It was very strange because I kept rolling the exact dice every time . My friend just gave up playing with me after awhile.

  20. "your odds of rolling a double goes up the more rounds you wait.". I'm sorry what?

  21. The caption on the thumbnail sounds…problematic.


    Monopoly is a game of luck, that is all.
    Why do you think 3 year olds can win.
    You buy everything you land on and the dice rolls determine the winner. There is no way to alter gameplay from the start to end, unless you just don't buy stuff then you automatically lose.
    Only an Auction can change it slightly, but only morons lose from overbidding.

  24. did anyone else get a really weird 12-minute-long ad for a creepy website called teenertake on this video?

  25. Why a bracket system and not a swiss system?

  26. I was always told the orange properties are best when you take into account possible dice rolls and their proximity to jail. It’s also a good idea to pick up properties that people can be teleported to. Several Chance cards send you to particular places, and you have the chance to buy those places when you are sent there if they aren’t owned.

  27. >AI Learns Insane Monopoly Strategies

    AI doesn't actually learn any insane strategies.

  28. That tactic in the thumbnail is pretty normal if you are in the southern US.

  29. This was from start to finish (I skipped along) a complete failure of someone trying to explain information. Absolutely someone filling the space with nothing to say the whole time.

  30. Woah, I don’t think that title card is legal these days

  31. The block players edits and quotes are on point though

  32. This got way more complex than I was expecting

  33. The "Rue de la paix" pronunciation was enough to like and comment.

  34. **Put the raw chicken in the salad.**

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