AI Learns Insane Monopoly Strategies -

AI Learns Insane Monopoly Strategies

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all hail the brown set, and rapidly auctioning everything, according to AI at least. 11.2 million games of self-play were used to discover the secrets of this classic game

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  1. Try to buy stations, and corners street, done.

  2. When you buy the Browns, you get called an AI, when I buy the Browns, I get called a racist and a slave owner.

  3. The sets that are the best are the pink, orange and reds. Because owning them it’s highly unlikely that a player will be able to exit jail and not land on them. And as you covered, jail is the most common tile to be on. Regardless as to which specific set you get, you really want to get the adjacent sets when possible. So if someone has pink you wanna grab orange red and yellow. Essentially you want to reduce the ease of bypassing your property on a given turn without getting paid.

  4. It’s also disturbing that the AI was more altruistic than humans when it’s intended design was to sort out a winner. Makes you think for sure

  5. My nephew bankrupted us all by owning just the railroads and the utilities. Personally, I find that as long as I can get two sets on the same corner, that is to say the the orange and the red ones on either side of Free Parking, or the yellow and the green ones on either side of Go to Jail, I can win nearly every time. The reason is that each side of the board has 10 spaces, and since there are so many ways to be sent to jail, there is a higher chance of someone hitting the orange or red properties on their way back around the board.
    Additionally, in the red set, since I have the Here and Now Edition, Disney World is set as one of those red spaces, and there is a Chance card that says "Take your family on a surprise vacation. Advance to Disney World." With houses or hotels on every lot in the Orange and Red sets, you can quickly wipe some players out. The yellow and green sets seem to get landed on less often, and they are sooo expensive to get, but if you can get both sets, it's almost as good as have the blue ones just before Go, and others land on them more often.

  6. A quick gripe about probability. The odds on rolling a double don’t go up the longer you stay in jail. They are the same each time. What’s really happening is that the odds of rolling several times and not getting doubles decreases when you have several rolls. Kind of like how, when you flip a coin, the odds are always 50/50, but if you flipped 1000 times and only got tails, that would be really strange.

  7. Well, I would have to ask, could you have failed at the AI training? However, I did enjoy the video.

  8. I'd be interested if you could take this experiment to the next level. Model some AI against human player patterns. I don't know how you'd source that data accurately, maybe make a small tracking program for a free monopoly game online. Then create these "static" AI based on the data collected.

    I've always gone for the light blues myself. There's 3 of them on one side, your odds of being on GO are only second to jail, and they're cheap early on. But the reason I feel this is the best strategy is because HUMAN opponents tend to under value these properties and are willing to let them go in auctions and trades.

  9. its sad that whenever i play this game, all of my friends decide to play the game like bot#1 and just refuse to ever trade (unless the trade is like 5 properties for 1, plus o suck their dick)

  10. I remember once I bought all of the yellow and green squares and 2 of the transports and I beat my dad really easily lol

  11. There's other strategies, though. There's only a set amount of houses, and if you don't upgrade to hotels, you can basically keep anybody else from buying houses which you have to have in order to get hotels.

  12. Wait, you gain money when you land on your properties?

  13. Do not tell them that buying brown is all there is.

  14. so basicly this whole experiment was a waste of time

  15. Sorry, but the constitution says I can't buy the browns anymore

  16. I’ve played competitively I’ve only lost 2 times which were when I was ten

  17. Idk if it can work, but should be really complex build a Clash Royale AI

  18. Makes sense. $1500 starting cash is enough to get you all three orange properties plus triple houses. From there your revenue goes nuts because only two players landing there can pay off your investment. Magenta/Red/Boardwalk are the only properties with low investment that can even begin to compete with orange.

  19. Wtf. Just tell me the thumbnail. Why is this 11 minutes long

  20. Nah green set is best if i get it i win the game 100% of the time

  21. Nice to know that the strongest learning AI took 1600 years' worth of monopoly to merely be average. This reassures me that Skynet taking over is simply not happening, because it would probably think it could conquer us by selling out all its weapons on eBay and using the money to corner the market of Pez candy.

  22. Im confused as to why buying is an decision that has to be made by the AI. Per the game rules if you land on a property with no owner you are required to buy it.

  23. You don't need AI to know the best strategy is to buy the brown and baby blue properties and upgrade them as much as possible as soon as possible also railroads and utilities.

  24. Best part of this is whats on the blue block at seventy-two seconds. 😆

  25. I absolutely loved this video. I remember growing up, my dad, who was super into programming and also into board games, was working on a side hobby that ran a shit ton (don't know the exact #, I was 6) of Monopoly games under an AI or some computer programmed gamer. It also found the Oranges and the Yellows to be the most profitable, (also the Dark blue and browns). He theorized that maybe it was the properties that came before or after the most sought after items on the board (Free Parking / Blues) since if you were ever so unlucky that you missed the most sought after thing on the board, you would have to pay him. Looking back at it now, I could even see that its two opposing corners of the board could be the most profitable because then players have two times around they have to worry about paying you (Say Light Blue's and Yellow's (Or Pink and Green's)).

  26. I saw the thumbnail (Buy the browns?) and I took that to a racist level.

  27. What did we learn kids? Nothing…we learned absolutely nothing…

  28. Buy the browns to get rich?

    Hummmmmmmmmm where did i saw that happening?…..

    Oh slavery!

  29. Could’ve chosen a better thumbnail. Other than *buy the browns*.

    Awesome video though

  30. Usually when I play Monopoly, I focus on building a strip on the bottom and left side of the board (brown to orange). Personally I prefer light blues and pinks, as well as railroads.

    Top and right side of the board, I only buy to trade, or use as mortgage emergency money. Buying one of those and then refusing to trade it unless you get double the value or so can really mess up people's plans.

  31. 2:24
    four players: mutually assured destruction
    three players: gun fight
    two players: poor red player 🙁

  32. Strange game, only winning move is not to play.

  33. I used this strategy to destroy my opponers

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