Amazon Exclusive Monopoly Longest Game Ever Unboxing -

Amazon Exclusive Monopoly Longest Game Ever Unboxing

Markis Pea Welby
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Even with two players, it’ll still take more than a day to complete one game.


  1. Basically I've been playing these rules on regular monopoly. Longest game was 18 hours….

  2. So this is either one of the circles of hell in Dante’s Inferno or this is the perfect thing to have when stranded on an isolated island.

  3. How to make it last longer: take each bill to the local library and print 500 pages of each bill

  4. My family and I own this. We take out all the gimmicks and just play it as a huge version of standard Monopoly with two dice.

  5. no thanks it would be too long play ten hours

  6. Iván Ojeda Latino #¡FuerzaUcrania! says:

    Unboxing Monopoly Disney Mickey Mouse

  7. amazon shouldve just paid them to make ultimate monopoly i bet they make a killing

  8. imagen if all those 66 propertys was difrent

  9. Just bought this game yesterday. Btw, great video!

  10. when you know the game's rules, but the problem is that you don't have money to buy the board game.

  11. The money has dotted lines so 1 $500 becomes 2

  12. The money has some lines so when you cut 1 500 you get 2

  13. I played my 1985 monopoly with my family

  14. This monopoly is much better because more properties

  15. But if i play this i wana break the rules… i want 2 dice or 3 and the wait for 5 minute's… not happening

  16. Perfect to spend your time on this time of crisis.

  17. This is the most best monopoly to me its so longest game ever

  18. The silver turtle is from monopoly for nintendo switch

  19. 1 die, torn money, and Free Parking pays out…this is just normal Monopoly after the kids get ahold of the game

  20. 15:36 I didn't expect I'll laugh out loud at a Chance card

  21. No dice for a shorter gamee 😂

  22. You can also use 3 turns to roll a 6 to get out of Jail.

  23. Me: Instead of ripping money into halves or fours, let's print money

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