Animal Crossing Monopoly - Board Game Review and How to Play! -

Animal Crossing Monopoly – Board Game Review and How to Play!

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Animal Crossing Review by Unfiltered Gamer

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  1. Animal Horizons and Modern Horizons…wow I did far too many takes apparently 😅 and to think some of these were the best ones…. 😛

  2. Thank you, I'm playing it with my daughters for one of their birthdays…. but what happens when you run out of bells? Is there bankruptcy?? Trading is allowed?

  3. Played this on Thanksgiving. Very simple. I agree with the possibility of creating a house rule where you can sweep a card for 5 bells.

  4. Totally gross game.
    Monopoly Spider-Man (2021)
    and The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition (2021)
    are much, much better.

  5. I demand your hair is taller. If I support you on Patreon, can you make your hair taller?

  6. You forgot to show how to place the figure markers on who discovered an Island! 😅

  7. Oh no ! This is the first time my daughter has ever asked for a board game for her birthday. Hopefully the license alone will be enough for her. I'd hoped for a board game closer to Stardew Valley adaptation.

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