Anti-Monopoly 35th Anniversary Edition Unboxing -

Anti-Monopoly 35th Anniversary Edition Unboxing

Markis Pea Welby
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With two ways to play, this game gives players more thought for strategizing.


  1. Ok, so my Variation is simple. I put the Instant-Win(8:34 for Monopolists, and 12:32 for Competitors) cards on the bottom of the deck. That way no matter how bad the situation is, if Competitors or Monopolists get their respective instant win cards, it doesn’t matter what the situation of the opponent’s card is, they win.

  2. Keep making video like this
    Love it😁😁

  3. Hi im from Iran i want to know about the cards of anti monopoly. Can someone recording avideo about the cards of this game and send it?

  4. I like what I see. I hope to get it soon. Thank you.

  5. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    I have the original anti monopoly and anti monopoly 2 also

  6. I think that one green pieces is a money bag

  7. This version is not for the average Monopoly player. Its dynamic is to teach people that monopolies hurt the economy, hence why competitors don't have the same advantages as monopolists. Every time I've played, monopolists usually win because they charge higher prices even though competitors can purchase and develop properties without having to own a color group. It's fun if played with at least 3-4 players, patience, and alcohol.

  8. 12:33 If competitors get this, it’s Game Over and Competitors win!

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