Anti Monopoly Board Game Play w/ Brother! (2 HOUR ASMR!) -

Anti Monopoly Board Game Play w/ Brother! (2 HOUR ASMR!)

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A hilarious and entertaining board game playing with my brother Daniel. We always argue when we are competing as you have seen in our video game collab videos, and this time was no different! I cut out the worst parts that would wake you up like the yelling and cackling or interruptions LOL but the rest should soothe you into calm at least, and sometimes laughter here and there. Perfect to listen to while doing other tasks. But if you watch in full screen also good to follow along like an observer.

I received the anti monopoly board game from my brother as a Christmas present and I had no idea it even existed because I thought only the regular monopoly did so I was a bit confused at the rules in first regard but then he later explain it to me so it became clear. You compete as a competitor or a monopolist and there are various rule changes between the two when purchasing real estate or property, and even when buying houses and apartments, and charging rent against your opponent. Let’s see who ended up winning? I won the first time I played against him and it got him so angry LOL! You can tell the tension and frustration rising in this game too. XD

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  1. Hello my favorite Poopsie, butterfly here saying keep up the good work. Xoxo from: butterfly 🐈

  2. You know what just be quiet the entire game your too loud

    Edit: he said that at the start of the game

  3. I think this video was sadly not relaxing bc Tony was being so bossy and it gave me anxiety throughout the entire video

  4. I love so much this "hi, poopsies"!!!!

  5. You and your brother are hilarious 😂😂

  6. 5:03 ahhahaah “you’re going to fast, go over the rules with the poopsies” love it

  7. Anti monopoly? I did not know that existed😮👌🏻 Interesting!

  8. "Go over the rules with the poopsies" 😂😂😀love it

  9. "You're ruining it with your cough"😂😂😂

  10. I actually think Dannys voice is better when he’s not whispering lol

  11. Good asmr but you probably should have edited all of the bossy remarks about sound and preferences

  12. Tony this is so fuckin great! Thank you so much! I'm scared of the dark and needed something fun and lighthearted to fall asleep to. This is absolutely perfect 💙

  13. this put me right to sleep! of course! 🥰

  14. I would love to have a video of ur brother just talking about tbe differemces in games. That would be amazing

  15. The Virgo really jumped out in this video.

  16. Lol you’re throwing SOOOOO much shade towards ur brother

  17. We love a sassy sister 👏🏾👏🏾💁💁

  18. Hey tony i thonk ur brother is fine when he rolls the dice and taps the peice. If its too loud for someone we have volume buttons for a reason xD. If its too loud we just turn it down a bit and its normal asmr tapping!

  19. This is such a strange video 😂 I just wanted to see this game

  20. I love you two together ! I literally laughed until my stomach hurt ! When you bent down to laugh into the camera , I lost it 🤣😂
    We need more of these because the two of you are perfect together. Blokus would be a good game for you guys 😬

  21. Can someone recording a video about the cards of this game…anti monopoly…

  22. This is fun to see two brothers play this game lol.

  23. I got on into this and I can’t deal with how bossy she is… ANNOYING

  24. It wasn’t helpful at all with trying to figure out how to play it’s clickbait and misleading

  25. This by far the most funniest video I’ve watched this week and I’m only five minutes in

  26. Me: has to make an essay on this game but doesn't have the game and can't find a normal video of this game

    me: Well, guess I'll just watch a 2 hour ASMR video eventhough this makes me uncomfortable as fuck.

  27. they have an M underneath the colour boxes because its the M sign for mortage

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