Anti Monopoly Board Game Play w/ Brother! (2 HOUR ASMR!) -

Anti Monopoly Board Game Play w/ Brother! (2 HOUR ASMR!)

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A hilarious and entertaining board game playing with my brother Daniel. We always argue when we are competing as you have seen in our video game collab videos, and this time was no different! I cut out the worst parts that would wake you up like the yelling and cackling or interruptions LOL but the rest should soothe you into calm at least, and sometimes laughter here and there. Perfect to listen to while doing other tasks. But if you watch in full screen also good to follow along like an observer.

I received the anti monopoly board game from my brother as a Christmas present and I had no idea it even existed because I thought only the regular monopoly did so I was a bit confused at the rules in first regard but then he later explain it to me so it became clear. You compete as a competitor or a monopolist and there are various rule changes between the two when purchasing real estate or property, and even when buying houses and apartments, and charging rent against your opponent. Let’s see who ended up winning? I won the first time I played against him and it got him so angry LOL! You can tell the tension and frustration rising in this game too. XD

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  1. First board game ASMR I've done! Exceptionally lengthy. The unedited version of this would be titled Cussing My Brother Out for ASMR.

  2. Tony your the best when are you going to bring back VR back it was so good I luv you keep on going hope you get to 300k

  3. Hello my favorite Poopsie, butterfly here saying keep up the good work. Xoxo from: butterfly 🐈

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