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Anti-Monopoly Video

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  1. Just got asked by a few friends to translate this for them, so I guess I could just pop that translation here too for convenience's sake, or whatever.

    In a different way from what might be expected, this is indeed a Monopoly. A monopoly that goes deep. Because here, people fight to become the richest owner of property and real estate. To achieve this, one must, like with normal monopoly, buy streets, build houses, and, of course, take rent from other players. (…)"

  2. "(…)But other than with normal monopoly, now you have to choose one side at the beginning of the game: Competitors or monopolists. Depending on what you choose, you have different advantages and disadvantages. With this, you can for example build houses on streets earlier, or demand more rent. The whole thing gains a more economic aspect and offers experienced monopoly fans new and varied opportunities. (…)"

  3. "(…)Anti-Monopoly: A merciless game for 2 to 6 opponents 8 years and upwards, for the power of a monopoly. Have fun playing."

    Character limit. x_X

  4. Hehe, gefällt mir 1000 Mal besser als das "richtige" Monopoly.

  5. man tas monpolys laibai irki toki gausiu.

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