Arcade1up Infinity Game Table Top 20 Games 2022 Edition - Monopoly, Risk, Tapple, and More! -

Arcade1up Infinity Game Table Top 20 Games 2022 Edition – Monopoly, Risk, Tapple, and More!

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Today we run my top favorite games released on the arcade1up infinity game table in 2022!

Intro: 00:00
20. Guess Who: 00:23
19. Clue: 01:21
18. Spot The Difference: 02:18
17. No Cops Just Robbers: 03:04
16. Spooki Boo Hotel: 05:21
15. Artist and Lairs: 07:24
14. Game of Life: 09:09
13. Yahtzee: 10:31
12. Oh-No: 11:47
11. Monopoly: 13:34
10. Bowling Solitaire: 15:05
9. Gen Smak Trivia: 17:45
8. Tapple: 19:10
7. Hues and Cues: 20:53
6. Pixel Push Football: 22:55
5. Fourzy: 25:35
4. Scrabble: 27:39
3. Risk: 28:40
2. Pandemic: 31:13
1. Ticket To Ride: 32:17

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Display: Available in two size options — 24” and 32
Detachable Legs To Play as a Tabletop
Wifi and Internet Enabled
App Store to Purchase Games
Rumble/Haptic Feedback Motors
Dymanic Viewing While Playing Games

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  1. If they bring Axis & Allies……oh boy..Here´s my Money…

  2. You have a link to Amazon for card blocking plastics?

  3. How much is it for ticket to ride on the infinity table ? Do you have to buy each individual game additionally?

  4. Yr intro song cracks me up every time😂 bopping my head.. Great review! Thanks👌

  5. thanks man for your review, new sub here… i feel like they need more online play components and more VS CPU games for those of us who are single or live alone. What do you think? thanks

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