Arcade1Up's Infinity Game Table: Board games on demand [EXCLUSIVE first look] -

Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table: Board games on demand [EXCLUSIVE first look]

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We get an exclusive first look at Arcade1Up’s prototype for the Infinity Game Table, a touch-screen system for playing digital versions of board games.

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  1. i would want one if there could be any Bots(Players controlled by Artificial Intelligence,aka AI) to play with

    see,players online are most of time rude,bad mannered, disrespectful and salty,ans some may rage quit

    Also,you don't always have someone to play with,not everyone has friends,and not everyone knows how to play the game

    so,Bots,besides of serving a good way to practice,allows you to still play the game,and fill those empty slots if you want,and they will play at any moment,any time,any game mode,any rule supply,and they never,get tired of playing with you,and also make videogames live forever

    that's why i prefer digital versions of board games,because i can play by myself,and still play the game

  2. Board games within the next 20 years will come with a screen like this. RPG board games will benefit the most from this…… games like Gloomhaven with lots of different scenarios. Having to take time to set up the board for each scenario will be a thing of the past. The game would still come with physical things too, like minis and cards and other things. It wouldn't be 100% digital on screen stuff.

    And imagine being able to connect it to the internet, to update it…. to gain new scenarios and stuff.

  3. Much nicer than this crappy TapTop (A/K/A: Playtable) I got. I wish I backed this one instead.

  4. How do you keep your cards/tiles private from other players in games like Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, or Battleship if people are in the same room?

  5. close to 1K for digital board games? It doesn't even look buttery smooth, and the feedback looks horrid. Looks like a rip off to me.

  6. Just let the computer do the counting… nope not dumbing down my kid with this.

  7. If arcade one up gets a dungeons and dragons like app going I'd buy this in a heart beat as hard to play dnd digitally

  8. I would like to know if you have to purchase the games or if they are preloaded

  9. Cool idea but I like the idea of controlling my own dice, particularly with a game like yahtzee, even monopoly.

  10. They should have an add on stand up tablets for card games. Let's you select cards to pick up from the deck and then you can select cards to lay down and flick to discard from your tablet(hand).

  11. Nothing will replace when the lights go out and you got too light candles and play monopoly with the family.

  12. Needs battle chess and pool… Wont buy until these are part of the games list…

  13. Nice, but people like the little tanks, warriors, monsters,, robots, etc. Also needs adjustable height. But I bet it will do nice in its niche.

  14. RISK isn’t a popular game? It’s so fun

  15. The developers table had a larger screen. There's like no bezel.

  16. This is just an option until they stop selling the actual games. It's hard enough to pry ourselves away from screens as it is.

  17. This table is too expensive and is not worth buying it..

  18. I remember a coffee table video game my uncle had. There was buttons on either side and a screen in the middle for two players. I believe it was Galactica or Asteroid Invaders. I would definitely purchase one of these new game tables.

  19. I just purchased mine today 32 in.

    Kicking myself in the butt though about a year and a half ago arcade one up reached out to me wanting to know if I would be interested in investing in this at the time I didn't have the funds I believe I just kind of brushed it off.
    Kind of sorry I did…..
    This is going to take family game night to an entirely different level.
    I look forward to receiving mine sometime next week.

  20. We can’t cheat !!! That’s the biggest fun factor 😊😊😊



  23. They should have like Pictionary and be able to draw and paint pictures

  24. imagine playing pubg mobile on this game table

  25. Where can I buy please and price??? There are Place not sicurity. Please help me

  26. What are the costs going to be for new games or apps?

  27. Bring me a DnD and I am definitely going to buy it

  28. This was a year ago you would think it would be done already and released

  29. For the price it would be nice if as they come up with better ideas and add games that the ones that are out already had an upgradable feature to add-on or update to the lastest versions or graphics they'll use later!

  30. PROS: It saves you space of having a closet full of board games, the apps may save you money vs expensive board games, you dont have to set up or clean up, it actually streamlines the rules so you know you are playing correctly, online play can be neat. If the games are made well then the animations and sound effects could be fun. And if a game becomes available digitally then it doesn't go out of print as easily, (things do get taken down because of copyrights etc though, so nothing is forever!).

    CONS: Everything i just said you can already do with video game board games, of which there are many. This is just a big tablet. (For example Ticket to ride and Pandemic are already out on both consoles, tablets, and PC. You dont NEED this table for those.) And so anything you can do here, you can do on a tablet. But its neater and bigger, but that means you also have to store this thing that basically has one use. And will many future titles be supported? How many publishers? If all it has is a few mainstream games then pass, as there are hundreds/thousands of cool card and tabletop games that are out there. And for games like Monopoly, you can buy a LOT of them before you hit the $600 mark… And will the digital versions be much cheaper? Im thinking if physical Monopoly is $20, Id pay $5 for the digital. Some games can be really expensive, but you can also sell them. (I sold HeroQuest for a small fortune). Also way easier to bring a board game to a friends house – yes this has online but thats not what board games are for – i can already play games with people online, board games are literally what i do when i want to hang out – if i want online I dont think a board game is what id reach for?
    And i think imagination is a big part of board games, if this just animates them for you, it really is much more of a video game, (which i also love), but is a very different thing. And physically holding dice, moving really cool crafted miniatures, or holding the cards is a BIG part of games. The Operation example she used that was freaking apples to oranges! Holding those tweezers in hand is an experience you NEVER forget, using your finger for a boring maze doesn't nearly compare. You all saw it. Connect Four is better as a physical game, hands down.

    So know going in, if you REALLY want the board game experience, nothing I saw here beats a board game, but if you just want video game versions of that, its cool. i dont know if you need this vs a tablet, but being bigger is neat – if they can make it that its my coffee table too, then maybe Id buy. But it just isnt a one-to-one for board games. it needs new different functions. I mean i took games camping played when power was out when internet was out. This limits those abilities. Ironically i think Id be playing real physical board games on this as a table half the time ha-ha

    My real life comparison is to their arcade cabinets. They are cool, i went to a place that had a bunch. but first off, they arent the same size or build quality. It felt different. And then it was free play, there was something about knowing i paid $300 but i can just play until i beat it (most arcade games are not long), vs getting $10 of quarters at an old arcade and getting as far as i could. It was NOT the same experience. I think at best they look neat in a collectors room to be honest.

    Neat idea, but id like to see more to make it differentiate itself from a big tablet that they make low budget game apps for. Like an actual coffee table, or as others have said – physical dice and cards and pieces that can be read by the table, maybe an VR or IR augmentation?

  31. This is laggy to death and an absolute ripoff for $899? Not even worth a third of that. No wonder they have the comments disabled on their channel.

  32. We see the big name content, but what about independent board games and user created content?

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