Arcade1Up's Infinity Game Table: Board games on demand [EXCLUSIVE first look] -

Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table: Board games on demand [EXCLUSIVE first look]

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We get an exclusive first look at Arcade1Up’s prototype for the Infinity Game Table, a touch-screen system for playing digital versions of board games.

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  1. they need to incorporate Milton Bradley's Gamemaster series

  2. My first opinion: The Display seems to react a little bit too slow and it seems unprecise. At the end all falls with new apps and software, and I think that's the biggest problem. I think at the time of corona, the table should have a camera too (or to adjust one), and the sound where too a little bit to metallic. Great would it be, if the table is able to runs arcade emulators, but the biggest problem here is, that the controls must be digital or analog, and not touch. Nahhhh I'm not sure, it looks great but I would wait for one table that costs maybe 2000 Dollar but has nearly no downsides and runs on Android and I can play much more games from the app stores. But here comes the next problem: The display have another resolution than tablets and smartphones and that makes it complicated.

  3. Sweet! But does it run Magic: The Gathering Arena?

  4. The funny thing is Monoploy and Uno has been online and multiplayer. Also others has too .

  5. They should integrate phone connections like jackbox so that you can play games that require secret knowledge like most card games.

  6. They should have created real life game pieces that can be detected and tracked by the digital board game. You could have real monopoly tokens for example. to move around the board — the game would still take care of all the chore part of board games, score keeping, etc – but still give you that tactile feel.

    I had a digital chess game back in the early 90s that used real pieces – you would press each piece down on the start and end position. As much as tech has evolved, surely they could do a much more sophisticated version with a tablet like display.

  7. Looks cool. Would be great for D&D players. Needs to integrate with peoples smartphones for things like scrabble. I'm glad that this is designed to lay down. That has been my biggest concern with putting a flat screen TV into a table-top for roleplaying.

  8. So much potential and then you can play games like Sorry and Battleship. With al cool boardgames that have come out over the year couldn't they give a better selection? It can be mainstream doenst have to be obscure games but why no Catan, Splendor, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders etc…

  9. Need to be able to play D&D on it…or hack it to do so.

  10. They finally did what I told them to do except with board games. Thank you!

  11. Just buy Tabletop Simulator on steam. It has every board and card game ever and you can play online with random people or friends.

  12. Lazy concept. You should at least be able to roll dice.

    Holographic features are not out of reach/budget either.

    Putting a TV right side up and putting apps on it? The only thing ambitious about that is charging $600

  13. would be nice to implement maps for DnD of some sort

  14. she cant even throw a board game off a table, correctly.

  15. This would be awesome with tabletop simulation type steam workshop so you could add your own games

  16. 1:29 you have hands down the best version of Risk! 2210 is the best! Take the moon!

  17. The original surface table was awesome. Had a card shield that makes your cards visible and dice were real

  18. how much will each game cost though? I doubt it will come with all those games.

  19. Does it have Twilight Imperium? If not… this is meant for children.

  20. Great video!
    Your idea about chess, i played that 30 years ago on my Amiga 500

  21. That chess game she was wishing for is called Archon. It was released on the NES in 1983…

  22. This would be time well spent with my kids. Just make sure that games like chess and backgammon are not too cute, or have an option to remove the cuteness.

  23. This would be interesting to play pen and paper RPG games. Segmenting the screen to allow multiple players and to animate the campaign.

  24. Just make sure Ubisoft doesn't get their classic game-killing paws on this thing.

  25. An off the shelf screen in a coffee table, really. ALL board games are square. Make a square display and I'll buy into your intentions…

  26. you can also put real tokens on it, or at least you should be

  27. I thought about something like that except have it controlled by smartphones of at least 6 players playing a racing game .

  28. They could release game pieces that would be detected by the touchscreen, for that tangible feel.

  29. …what happened to the Microsoft table?

    Cool idea. Probably gonna be too expensive though.

  30. Uh, no. I need a way to knock over all the pieces when I'm losing.

  31. моя идея 20 летней давности

  32. I didn´t know I already have one of those with my HP touch screen all-in-one…

  33. Unfortunately, Arcade1UP will probably build like 50 of these, with half of them going to YouTubers and the other half going for sale on eBay at 2X of retail. It’s still beyond me how these established vendors use Kickstarter to fund product development.

  34. Too bad people didn't like the idea of big tablets. It stopped at 24" with the Nabi BigTab HD (wich I have) too bad it's locked and had custom cable connectors to expand it…

  35. Giant for her maybe . . . . That thing is way to small !

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