Are You Playing The Monopoly Deed Debt Contracts 💳📃🖋 Game? -

Are You Playing The Monopoly Deed Debt Contracts 💳📃🖋 Game?

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🔋Greetings Infinite 💥Soul Fractals Beware Of That Ole Monopoly Stuck Inside Matrix Game Timelines 🕓 🎮 Playing Against Yourself.

💥🔑🔋No Get Out Of Jail For Free Card, & Collect Not $200 ✋️ Signing🧾🖊💳 Timeline Debts & In-Deed Notes With The Mob aka Financial System Of The World Wide Web 🕸

💥🔑🔋Don’t Allow Your EGO To Keep You Locked Up In Timeline🕔 Jails For Materialism🎯. Don’t Listen 🦻🏽 To The Commands Of Your Ego 🤡To Sign On That Dotted Timeline Event.

🖋📃💳Notice: All Those Gridded In Pretty 🏘 Houses Are 99% Financed Deeds & Debt Contracts. No One Owns Anything In Pla’Net Earth Area 51 Secret🤫 Space Programs Holographic Simulation Illusionary Virtual👩🏽‍💻 Reality Game 🕹

Don’t Allow Wedlocks 🔐, Relationships 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦, Friends🤸‍♂️🤸🏽‍♀️, Schools🏢, Adults🚶🏾‍♀️🚶Childen, Death Of The 🪦 Ancestors Land Karmic Debts🏞 ,Vacations⛵️🧳🏖, Houses🏘🏡, Cars 🚖🚘🛻, Plastic🚻💰 Cosmetics Surgeries, Failed🏭 Businesses, 😍🤑People Pleasing🎁💅🐩🏡🚘🚁🎅🎄🛍👛👞🗼🏨⌚️ For Exceptance , Keeping Up With The Jones💃🏽🏘or Hollywood Contracts 🖊🧾💳. Got You Stuck On Stupid 🤯😱😳😥 Signing:🫤Thinking 🤔 Your Can Help Others Who Can’t Even Help Themselves 🤪 Or Living Above 🍾🎉🎲🃏Your Means; Which 🪫Cost Big ⏲️Blueprint 🪬Time🧿 Witchcraft Spellbounding 😵‍💫 Words😵‍💫 Space Looshing Draining 🪫You; From Your 💥Infinite Source💥Snergy Energy Battery🔋🪫Cell. Always Worried 🪫😥 Complaing. Angery 🤬How Are You Gonna Pay That Next 30 Days For 10,20,30,40,50,60 Year Payments. 💰💸💷💶💵💴
Grasp💥🔑 Now You See😳 The Neverending Looping😵‍💫 Payment Plane💰 With Intrest% Rates Taxed To Death⚰️⚱️🪦😵 Monopoly Story?

💥🔋🔑Break Your Lower🪫 Vibrational Soul Contracts🧾🖊 NOW! You 😭 Made Those Lower Vibrational Frequencies Decisions, Because You Didn’t😴 Ask Your Infinite 💥Source💥 For Your Infinite YES or NO ANSWER: IF That Decision Is The Best And Highest Frequency Decisions For You To Prosper In The Game Of Life Called Pla’Net Earth. 🔑CLEAN UP YOUR LIFESCRIPT. Each Debt Note 🧾🖊Is An Imprisoned Timeline Sentence.

💥🔋🔑Forgive Ya’self and Other’s. IF You Have Used Others Or Used Your Own Self 🫶🏽 Apologize & Never Do It Again🎁 Save Yourself. WE All Experience This, WE Have Been PROGRAMMED To Play The Monopoly Game. You Can Fix Your Entire Lifescript. Level Up In Frequency 💥🔋Levels NOW
Get Out Of Deed-Debts Now 💳✂️

fa la la la la la la la 🔇

💥🔋IF 🔑This Infinte💥 Source Truth Message Has Assisted You Fare Energy Exchange Benefits US. Thank You 🫶🏽 For All Gifted 🎁 Contributions Of POSITIVE Currency Keeping US Connected 💥🔌🔋To This Illusionary😴 Dreamstate Matrix Broadcasting Gaming Channel.

💥🔋🔑Freewill Choice To Live Long Prosper Abundantly To The Golden Age Reset ✨️ 0000

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