Batch game - Monopoly -

Batch game – Monopoly

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This is my new batch game.
(C) Copyright 2010 GrellesLicht28
This is a creation of Makroware.

The idea came from fallthenrise.


  1. Unter Windows XP geht es mit Alt+Enter, wenn man den Fokus auf dem Fenster hat. Unter Windows Vista und 7 geht das leider nicht, da gibt es vllt was anderes.

  2. You piece of shit, You are not the original author with your little false ass company, Oh wow you put in one line of text into the file I guess that means you made it, You could have at least given credit to the orignal dude who made it you fuckin lier, oh yes the reason it comes up in google is because it is the most recent video made stealing this batch file,

  3. Why are you so furious? Everything indicates that I am the original author. There is nobody else, who has enough knowledge about batch and says Monopoly would have been made by him/her.
    Plus this is the first video about this file. Plus google says it as well. Plus there are multiple proofs in the source code. Plus I am very familiar with it. Plus I still release updates for it in case someone points out an error.
    Why do you think I stole it? Who else, do you think, made it?

  4. Enough with the spam filled search engine called google, The was an original batch programmner, Like myself, who made this I in fact have his original file right here on my desktop, Sadly he has retired from batch programming, and has taken down his channel, If you were to send me the code I could then match it with the file I have and will verify it…

  5. You can download the original file from the link in the description. To view the source code in the common Windows notepad, you need to download "Best of" and extract "Monopoly.bat".
    Please also send me the code of the version you have.

  6. @GrellesLicht28 I am so very sorry, That indeed was my bad, Really you have my sincerest apologies, In fact it was a different complex file he made I downloaded this one a few years ago, XD to see what sort of commands you used, Haha I feel like a total jackass right now, Very nice work with this file dude, You indeed do own this file and all its rights, Again Im so sorry, But great great work bro

  7. Etwa 56 Stunden verteilt auf eine Woche.

  8. Really cool! I made one and put it on my channel. You could check it out if you like. It's not very good though.

  9. REALLY?!? Did you like it? Any suggestions? I really need some 😀

  10. Hey if you dont mind I am making a kind of easy command prompt using batch and I would like to include this game in the games section… I wont change it in any way.

  11. If you keep it as separate file and run "Monopoly.bat" as command in your program, it is fine.

  12. nice game! 😀 can u tell me what u did so i can't press 'Edit' ? 🙂

  13. It's a bug in the up- or the download: All "Carriage Returns" are removed. You can view it in Notepad++.

  14. thx 😀
    one more question what is code for cash? i mean you have 1500, pay hospitle 100, you have 1400 how to make that? 🙂

  15. ╭╮╋╭╮
    ╰━┻┻╯╰┻━━╯ DISS

  16. Batch files in general are not always safe. You want to check the code for "DEL"-commands (DELete) or "ERASE"-commands that have the /S parameter in them or that try to remove "*".
    There are still a few other things that can be dangerous, but I promise that none of my batch games are in any way harmful.
    In doubt, you can ask me what a particular part of code does.

  17. My "testvirus.bat" creates a file in the startup that writes the EICAR-testvirus code, which is used for testing antivirus software, into a non-existing file in system32 causing the antivirus to popup on every startup.
    The file is harmless but scary for unexperienced users.

  18. OMG!!!!! dude your atch file games are awesome. can you give me some tips on how you got the graphics so good! please reply

  19. It is very useful to have an Ascii-table around when trying to make good graphics in batch.
    Such a table (for CMD) is in my batch dictionary. You can download or view it online from the link in the description.

  20. This… is… AWSOME!!! How did you get to be so amazing at batch!?!?

  21. Thank you^^ I started batch by watching Youtube videos and then trying out .EXE-files in system32 including their effects and their help ( /? ). I have been recording my advance since the beginning, the finished product is my batch dictionary 🙂

  22. is there anyway that i could make or create a code for a board game like this or is it possible that i could have the code 🙂

    i like the video

  23. You can download the file from the link in the description.

  24. how do you use unicode on batch? i dont have a numlock because i dont have the number pad thing on my keyboard 🙁 when i paste the symbol in and save it dosent work 🙁

  25. You can't fucking copyright something by just fucking putting (c) (well you can but people will just laugh at you and steal it) you have to go to a copyright office and do paperwork. Also you are breaking monopoly's copyright by making this unless you have monopoly's written permission (which I don't believe you do).

  26. Possibly the best batch game iver ever seen anyone make ! 😀

  27. Αν διαβάζετε αυτό είστε ένας απατεώνας ! φύγε

  28. but it is only a batch file, these files do not have source code?
    i have to do something like that in c++,could you help me

  29. the site shut down. i think the domain was expired.

  30. Your download in the description is not working. So, do you think you could upload a new link, or fix the old one please?

  31. 0:58 couldn't u choose another letter apart from KKK for the question mark u realise wat tht means right

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