Being The RICHEST Girl In Minecraft MONOPOLY! -

Being The RICHEST Girl In Minecraft MONOPOLY!

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Let’s find out how to get rich in the game of monopoly, BUT IN MINECRAFT! 💎
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  1. I love MINEOPOLY!!!
    Mac's plan to destroy the server: MAKE THE WHOLE SERVER INTO ONE GIANT CARROT.
    Mac: Books are for nerds!
    Me: Do you read about farming? If so… YOURE A NERD TOO!!!
    Me" Also, I'm a nerd tooo

  2. We’re is the rest of the gang hmmm whertare they hmmm 🤔

  3. Aphmau can you give ein a chance have a good day pls

  4. Cuz can u make sure to tell monster high that the bogey mansion episode is evil! And to delete that video! So yeah tell them to delete that video?

  5. Ein: the chamber of secrets is bad

  6. It is so nice to see best friends playing a game together!

  7. I wonder if aphmau does a risk bord game in minecraft

  8. Aufiypwkz adid🥰🥰😍❤️❤️❤️😂🤣😆

  9. Okkokslspls
    SOS,slldllslsllw,elak,sls#”#’,XL SKS,sowkslsokslsl👮‍♀️😎👮‍♀️🏦

  10. ._. there is wrong game making umm 1. Who can't pay can sell properties or either bankrupt 2. You have two dices 3. In jail you can pay 50 but in Mineopoly idk or you get a get out of jail card which they don't ever have or roll a double and get out with no jail card or no paying

  11. What is it with Ein always having bad luck in every game they play in Minecraft?

  12. You the person who is reading this,
    I want you to know that your are perfect the way you are and I want you to ever change yourself!
    You are awesome! Say that to yourself every day! I hope this makes your day bright!

  13. من collect 2dimondswhen you pass go

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