Best Board Games Coming to Retail in June, 2022 -

Best Board Games Coming to Retail in June, 2022

Grant Lyon
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Best Board Games Coming to Retail in June, 2022 from Grant Lyon

Lots of fun games coming to retail this month!

Intro – 00:00
Wormholes – 01:09
Pocket Master Builder – 02:10
Connec Team – 03:41
Zillionaires Road Trip USA – 05:16
Museum Suspects – 06:50
Gimme That – 08:26
Rear Window – 09:37
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game – 11:37
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Light Years from Home – 13:37
Tusk – 15:03
Orlog Dice Game – 16:31
Pocket Detective – 18:04
Sherlock Case Connection – 19:29
First Rat – 20:35
Raccoon Robbers – 21:57
Gutenberg – 23:15
Disney’s Sorcerer’s Arena Epic Alliances – 25:05
Venn – 27:03
Viticulture World Cooperative Expansion – 28:44
Star Wars Outer Rim: Unfinished Business Expansion – 30:08
Outro – 30:54

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  1. First of all hilarious! Also, I just picked up pocket master builder, but I'm fairly new to gaming and haven't experienced a lot of civilization building games, so I hope its a good one.

  2. I had initially written off First Rat as a kid's game but I keep hearing how great it is. I'll have to take another look at it. The 1-5 player count is sweet.

  3. Thanks, Grant! 😀 Speaking of expansions, I noticed that Rio Grande is releasing updated editions of two old Dominion expansions this month—Prosperity and Seaside—and people who have the old editions can get just the new cards if they want by getting the update packs. They released update packs for the base set and Intrigue many years ago so this is the first update of an old set we’ve seen for a while.

  4. Don't forget Bullet(Star) that is supposed to hit retail at the end of the month!

  5. Rear window looks so good…. Bit the 3 player count minimum makes it hard to get to our table until my son becomes more enlightened

  6. Nice! I was looking back over your May video just the other day. Glad to see June now

  7. Great games are releasing! First rat is really funn – it released a while ago in austria. It's a great family game 🙂

  8. lol… did Hitchcock make movies? Yer the best, Grant. 🙂 Love these lists. Thanks for doing them. Hitchcock did do a lot of TV too, yeah… I actually love his stuff and watch it nightly, amusingly. 😉 They are still easy to find on TV.

  9. Viticulture World looks cool, but after I found out that Stonemaier Games made some Papas cards pink and Mamas cards blue, I decided against picking up the entire Viticulture line. There's just no place in board games for that garbage. Such a travesty what's happening these days when you start kow-towing to complete BS.

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