BEST BOARD GAMES EVER | Board Game Geek Top 10 | Spirit Island Review -

BEST BOARD GAMES EVER | Board Game Geek Top 10 | Spirit Island Review

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Fr. Greg and Daniel continue talking about the best board games of all time according to Board Game Geek, with Spirit Island. Why is this game so highly rated? Does it deserve to be a top ten board game? Is it really one of the best board games ever?
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  1. Spirit Island is a strange one for me. I've never been drawn to play it even though I typically enjoy cooperative games. Many content creators love this game, but none of the people in my game groups love it. I'd like to play it eventually and judge for myself, but still am not seeking I out. Great video 👍

  2. Thanks for giving it a try. I think the theme really shines when you lean into the mechanics of each individual spirit. Like oceans will reach out from the shoreline, but then pull back like the tide when it is recovering energy. Or how river can quickly spread down the board like a stream of water because wetlands count as sacred sites. His abilities move Dahan along the path of that river where they thrive.

    Also when you select new cards based on the elements you can trigger using your innate abilities rather than just by the power on the card itself, the theme of each spirit really pops. When you are selecting powers with different elements you sort of fight against the spirit's nature and therefore his identity is muddied. It's a game that definitely rewards multiple plays, but if you aren't feeling it that's okay too.

  3. Thanks for your honest takes on the theme. I get wanting to be anti-colonial, but this seems to be anti-human, romanticizing the demonic oppression of indigenous peoples. Mechanically it sounds interesting, but the theme is too much for me to ever want to try the game.

  4. I don't care about theme in games and this is my favourite board game. The most brain burny coop, how can it not be? 😉
    PS. Spirit Island is not complex. The core rules are simple. The depth comes from the card play.
    PPS. Arkham Horror is not a heavy game. It's not even a medium game.

  5. I 100% agree with your take on this. Didn't enjoy the game and don't get what people see in it. To each his/her own I guess.

  6. I think you are confusing collaborative dialogue with alpha gaming.

  7. Well you got your wish, Ark Nova is in the top 10 now, so no War of the Ring haha

  8. Love the commentary. Haven’t played the game and have no desire too. My favourite co-op is Freedom the Underground Railroad. Simple, elegant design. Cheers gents!

  9. Thanks for the great video! This one has been on my want to play list but I've never wanted to buy it myself and your video makes me more confident in that decision 🙂

  10. Thanks for the video. Spirit Island is one of my favourites, but I completely get that it's not for everyone. It's extremely mentally taxing, to the point that I haven't played since the beginning of the pandemic due to chronic sleep deprivation from young kids, haha. There's an interesting discussion on BGG about fast vs slow powers and why it was designed this way. I think the game would be a lot worse without it. They did put in a Blitz scenario where everything is fast for people who don't like the slow mechanic. There is a huge skill gap between new and experienced players in this game. When new, it feels very hard to beat the base game. Once you know what you're doing, you never play the base game because it's way too easy. If you ever decide to try again, I recommend the unofficial easy mode where you delay drawing and advancing invader cards by 1 round to give yourself a head start. I personally think that's how new players should always play until that feels easy.

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