Best Board Games for Family | Fun Family Games | Educational Games For kids -

Best Board Games for Family | Fun Family Games | Educational Games For kids

Small Town Girl
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It is so important to hit the pause button on life sometimes and spend quality time with kids. Getting in quality family time can be a challenge! So i have made a list of few games that you can play with your kids. Games are a great way of connecting with kids. They teach patience, winning, losing and sometimes even math or reading. Games are for kids from age 2-8 and up.

Memory Game Fun Matching Game 1:13

Hi Ho! Cherry-O Board Game 1:52

Chutes and Ladders 2:13

Monkey Around First Game for Toddlers 2:27

Guess in 10 Junior Animal Kingdom 2:53

Charades for Kids 3:19

SEQUENCE for Kids 3:40

Hungry Hungry Hippos 4:03

Let’s Go Fishin’ 4:20

CONNECT 4 4:37

Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition Board Game 4:55

Let me know in the comments what you are playing with your family !

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