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“Best Buys” Most Boring Monopoly Game EVER? Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel

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2002 “Best Buys” USA Electronics Retailer Monopoly easily one of the Top Ten most Boring and Senseless Custom Special Edition Monopoly Games Ever Produced. Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel on YouTube. In the USA, Best Buys Electronics Stores are well known for LCD and LED Televisions, Commputers, Laptops, Ipods and other MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Color Printers and Other Consumer Electronics and Gadgets.


  1. Man that board game looks boring…. But i got to say, LOVE THE DICE!

  2. I haven't played Monopoly since I was a little kid, and I always found it boring. My family would play it and I would get really bored and cranky and want to stop and leave because the game would go on forever and I didn't really understand how it went. I think this was before they created Monopoly Jr., but I'd probably find that boring, too.:( But that's just my opinion. 🙂

  3. Where's the Consumer Edition Monopoly game? You would try to acquire properties like Circuit City, Fry's, J&R and Silo.

  4. Monopoly is already sorta lengthy and unexiting, but some themes they've been making are bizzare. Like the M&M's Monopoly [I own that one], the Heinz monopoly, ecetera. It's like they can't think of ideas for new material.
    Mattel CEO: "Hey guys, any ideas for new kid's games going on lately?"
    Mattel Employee: "No."
    Mattel CEO: "OK, that's that. Go make another replica of Monopoly, keep the 'go to jail' and 'start' and 'parking space' spaces…just make it Spongebob or something."

  5. Oh how I LOVE YA! you are just so high class, just by looking the first minute of thisssss nice

  6. 1:21 – 1:24 you sound like Sheldon from Big bang theory

  7. Dude I work at Best Buy I think I'm going to try and find one ring it into work! Hahaa

  8. Go to jail O.o why would you go to jail for working at best buy

  9. do you want to enjoy monopoly……first educate…..41st roll of the dice….medeterrainium only way and quickest to mediterranian..12-11-10-10-41 the futhest on three dice rolls 12-11-12=35….trip doubles jaul….new york 19 spirit birt big apple…more later9n 11

  10. naked ,empty and lifeless sound like that hooker i had to despose of last night

  11. Best Buy gave it away because they knew they couldn't sell it, lol

  12. Lol id actually like to see a walmart edition…

  13. @lezahbeamz
    yeah, if it was black and GRAY. duumass

  14. @lezahbeamz ahahah, i love you for the F.O.P. reference.(:

  15. I think watching this guy complain about how bad it is is a thousand times more boring than watching paint dry.

  16. If you got any more board talking about this, you could rebuild Noah's ark.

  17. Boss: Here instead of a raise have this.
    *Takes home and plays the game*
    Me: F*CK.

  18. He's analyzing it, and he doesn't expect everyone to enjoy his criticisms. >.>

  19. Imagine how hard it is to make this game interesting.

  20. How lazy could Best Buy get?!! They just took a regular Monopoly board and made some small changes. I could've designed a better board than this, and probably in the time it took to watch it.

  21. Don't make another Best Buy Monopoly edition, Hasbro!!!

  22. Because the police want to help you escape from the boredom.

  23. We're pixies! Pixies! We play best buy monopoly! (Because no one wanted it!!!)

  24. i told best buy i wanted to buy best buy monopoly.they said they don't have best buy monopoly.then they where rude to me. for threaten me by saying
    if you mess with my employes the manager of best buy will hurt you.
    they hurt my felling what am i going to do thanks for the video mike.

  25. When Mike Mozart plays this game,he feels 'board'.

  26. Can't show real customers because of legal reasons.  They could have gotten some actors in the store for the cover shot though.

  27. OMG this makes me want to punch an executive and pat the Parker Brothers on the back for going ahead with  this order so we could all know a full spectrum and understand that things could be worse. "Hey quitchur bitchin! I could have got ya BEST BUY Monopoly for your stupid birthday!".

  28. Since you clearly don't like it can I have it?

  29. Next up on weird Monopoly,
    Monopoly predator edition
    Monopoly terminator edition
    Monopoly alien edition

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