Best of Game Grumps: Monopoly (2020 - 2022) -

Best of Game Grumps: Monopoly (2020 – 2022)

Marcus Yamamoto
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I’m really sorry for the lack of Game Grumps compilations, it made me feel really guilty knowing I’ve been depriving all of you from the real content you desire. So to make up for it, I decided to compile all the Monopoly episodes I’ve done into one massive compilation as well as include the new ones up until 2022.

Next one is Chess!

Game Grumps:



  1. 16:48
    Favorite part of this entire comp. Dan’s extremely enthusiastic “Correct!” gives me life.

  2. Arin was trying so hard to gaslight Sean, and he wasn’t having it. Makes me so happy.

  3. Dan is both the best and most boring monopoly player I've seen

  4. Marco poblano how was Dan unlikable just for the fact that we would have done the same damn thing when you're winning and somebody wants to trade with you they have to give up more to trade

  5. Seeing Sean being put in Dans exact position from 35:13. And having him tell sean exactly what Arin was planning/ doing. And having sean just absolutely dig his heels in is absolutely hilarious to me.

  6. Arin: I'm winningEditor: He lied as easily as he breathed

  7. My favorite Monopoly is still with Arin vs Matt Mercer. Just repeatedly listening to Matt saying he hardly played Monopoly because he hates Capitalism and Arin trying to convince Matt that Monopoly is a fun game was just so hilarious to me.

  8. The inclusion of the animations are priceless

  9. Don't know if this was said but the first time they played, it lowkey infuriated me because of Dan's psychology of wanting an "unfair trade". The lack of cooperation between the two that actually would be in Dan's favor for the trades compared to the more recent series made me pace my house until the newer ones played to calm me down.

  10. an hour in, thank you for reminding me how happy I am Ben is gone 💀 worst gg editor

  11. "you're in a position to beg" is such a HARD line

  12. Thank you noble human for this compilation ♥️

  13. God Arin is such an unlikable douche when he loses in this game, especially around the 3 hour mark lmao

  14. This game truly brings out Dan's inner jew and Arin's inner gambler

  15. Oooooo 6 hours of Dan refusing to make a reasonable trade with Arin! Yes, please. Gonna sleep well listening to Arin's torture.

  16. "You have to sell TWO houses to afford to go to the doctor."

    Sounds about right.

  17. I cannot believe Dan gave up those four expensive properties and then didn’t even get his kiss on the cheek wtf

  18. what a trash fire of a comments section lol. thx for the compilation tho

  19. Well I was ganna watch this while I sleep but it has bloody ads

  20. I still believe arin made the game skip on purpose. You can tell by the way he isn't surprised at all, the way he says I don't know, and the way he laughs about it. Good joke tho lmao

  21. One day our money will be backed by “bro moves”


  23. I just really enjoy how often the desire to hire a hitman came up during this, makes me want a tmph monopoly with a house rule of attempting m*rder

  24. "All the more reason to hold onto my stuff!"
    This is the shit I live for.

  25. Dan is the worst kind of person to play Monopoly with, he absolutely gave Arin mortgaged properties, burdening him with debt, and then was like "I GAVE YOU FREE STUFF", he's such an asshole

  26. Dan all Arin is doing is making himself look like an annoying jerk.

  27. Dan: Here's $18, like a bro.
    Arin: What do you mean "like a bro?!" You OWE that to me! That's not a bro rate, that's just how it is!
    Arin, minutes earlier, after paying rent that he owed to Dan: Now that I've given you what YOU want, give me a property.

  28. I hate that the only way this shitty monopoly game has to make things harder is to just let bots choose how the dice will land. So goddamn lazy.

  29. I was not ready and nearly lost my drink at 'Pay up, motherfudge!'

  30. Read the official rules… FREE PARKING is a free space to park, otherwise it would say Welfare Office… or Ant-=free parking…. You are lucky they don't have another more grabiing square like The Casino . You guyz are amazing, keep it up…. You guyz Remind me of my late Brotherm hs used to do something simmilar in the 80's… long before the interweebs….. check ya later….eh!

  31. I’m ngl…Monopoly is the most toxic game ever invented lol

  32. 59:40 – Beat boxing that makes my head bop
    2:48:56 My favorite part by far…XD
    3:27:15 I should find a way to quote this in my lifetime.

  33. im a total dan when playing monopoly, i hate trades when shits going well for me lmao. ESPECIALLY when they’re desperate to make the trade

  34. “we’re suddenly working together, HOW DARE YOU”

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