Best of Game Grumps: Monopoly Plus - 10 MATCHES -

Best of Game Grumps: Monopoly Plus – 10 MATCHES

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Who is the ultimate money grubbing grump? Find out in this compilation of every Monopoly match between Arin and Dan!

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Time stamps:
00:00 – Game 1
18:45 – Game 2
45:16 – Game 3
1:06:46 – Game 4
1:20:16 – Game 5
1:38:26 – Game 6
2:13:54 – scuffed
2:21:13 – Game 7
2:38:08 – Game 8
2:52:32 – Game 9
3:10:43 – Game 10

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  1. "You don't know anything about desperate! Try owning a touring company during the CO- *Backstreet Boys Reuion Tour*!"

  2. “Yeah those cat legs look a little goopy, must be the animation”
    proceeds to cut away every time the cat piece is about to move

  3. when dan yelled F*CK my heart jumped outa my chest that was scary coming from dan

  4. anybody notice when you like the vid it ranbows the thumbs up

  5. Dan, terminator 3 is NOT the worst terminator movie. Genisys and Dark fate are the worst terminator movies. both are equally bad.

  6. I find it so hilarious that the property that defeated Arin in game 1 is the one that he hard balled Dan for so long.

  7. 3 1/2 hours of proof that Monopoly is racist.

    Specifically towards Raptors.

  8. Dear god the beginning of game 3 when arin does that fuckin voice, kills me every damn time. 45:20 and leads into the piece selection screen and just UGH MASTAPIECE

  9. The SECOND that glitch robbed their playthrough my fucking laptop turned itself off

  10. "Let me give all my stuff to you , you have a better chance at it than me" – Dan, the guy who's won every match against Arin.

  11. "Dude, i dont even know what to call THAT.."

    A Ubisoft game.

  12. Arin losing at anything is always a delight

  13. Arin sucks so hard at Monopoly and is always the one that wants to play it

  14. Arin will take chances when there are high stakes but also a higher chance to lose. Dan tends to wait things out, patiently, something that works in his favor BECAUSE it's Arin he's playing. I don't know if the same thing would work if it was someone else.

  15. Game 2 was the Wheel of Fortune land on bankrupt or lose a turn thing.

  16. I get Dan wants to win and but I think I get Arin more cuase he wants to trade to make things interesting.

  17. I wish there were links to the first episode of each game in the description

  18. I had a game with my family where I got all the railroads without anyone Landing on any of the railroads the entire game. And I crushed both people

  19. My aunt got so messed up. She landed on park place and then she got the advance to boardwalk card and that ended her

  20. the long silences before arin bankrupts are both the most heartbreaking and most hilarious things in the world

  21. I have to say that I love the sheer amount of “whore” used throughout this (mainly by Dan)

  22. Does anybody have the timestamp for:

    "Get in late; buy high sell low"?

  23. 1:08:46 was that Dan falling in reaction to what Arin said or just amazing timing lol

  24. 1:39 Ya know for a "Not commonly landed on spot" you guys sure do land on it alot

  25. Arin being so desperate that he decided by himself that he's working together with Dan and Dans surprised "No we're not, Fuck you!" is EASILY the most memorable scene in GG Monopoly for me 😂

  26. "I'm one step closer to my pants and I'm about piss!"

    Best line ever 😆

  27. this made me go online and find a monopoly game to play against computers
    1v1, i did terrible
    4 players, though, i wiped the fucking floor with those computers. my favorite thing to do is buy or trade for Boardwalk and Park Place plonk some houses down on them. casually plant some landmines on the board and wait patiently for the other players to inevitably land on them, forcing them to pay 200 dollars

  28. I love it when the grumps play vs games. Their smack talk never fails to make me laugh.

  29. 1:34:00 – After that heavy buyout Dan could've easily announced a merger-takeover and relabel himself as 'ConGrumpCo'.

  30. 1:04:40 man, the way arin delivers this line always kills me for some reason. he just sounds so genuine

  31. Kind of a shame that these versions don't offer the old income tax choice of 10% or 200$. It would be interesting if you could gamble on it, it wouldn't be as devastating as it is when you are in hole and really need to save money.

  32. when you realize in game 2 Arin said "you sure " to the yellow because he had les then the full price.

  33. "Come on man! I was winning!" says the guy that wins every single match after the game kicks him out of another victory

  34. when are you guys gonna play more monopoly and wheel of fortune?

  35. the introduction of the “bro moves” in Game 6 was the funniest thing

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