Best of Game Grumps: Monopoly Plus - 10 MATCHES -

Best of Game Grumps: Monopoly Plus – 10 MATCHES

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Who is the ultimate money grubbing grump? Find out in this compilation of every Monopoly match between Arin and Dan!

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Time stamps:
00:00 – Game 1
18:45 – Game 2
45:16 – Game 3
1:06:46 – Game 4
1:20:16 – Game 5
1:38:26 – Game 6
2:13:54 – scuffed
2:21:13 – Game 7
2:38:08 – Game 8
2:52:32 – Game 9
3:10:43 – Game 10

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  1. Woo Monopoly be great this is great great video great I can't wait to watch all of it great yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!

  2. On today's episode of "No we're not married"

  3. Ah yes some of the grumps greatest hits come from mono poly. Thanks for the upload!

  4. I saw the "10 M-" in my notifications and got really excited for a second

  5. why yes, I will watch another compilation of them playing monopoly, thank you very much.

  6. And here I was wondering what I was gonna do with my Sunday evening

  7. "I HATE MONOPOLY! We're never playing this again"!
    Dan at the 26 minute mark of a 3 hour monopoly video.

  8. The fact people really did attack Dan for winning a video game really shows that they don’t pay the hell attention and assume that Dan’s a jerk. Which shows that they haven’t watched the episodes where Arin was being a cocky bastard, even if he’s just joking which is the whole point of this. Two friends having fun with games. People are insanely upsetting sometimes. That’s my Ted talk.
    Thank you for the video! I’m enjoying it :3

  9. Some of these games are SAVAGE holy shit

  10. Ah yes, the perfect relaxing background music for playing games: Arin screaming at Monopoly

  11. "Getting screwed is part of the fun" should be on the box

  12. Between Income Tax and Bankrupt/lose a turn, watching them get f*cked can be a joy sometimes.

  13. Did Dan win every game leading up to Arin declaring that he was winning?

  14. 54:43 Arin: lands on a space right after go, screams no, and loses 200$
    Dan: what's icecream?

  15. I liked the video where i got to watch them play monopoly for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time

  16. Oh wow, I don’t remember Dan winning so many of these

  17. on march 9th i turned 32 and on march 13th my papa turned 75 and tim tracker on youtube turned 42

  18. It's time for bed! Gotta have Arin screaming blue murdurr to get a good night's sleep.

  19. So wait, has Danny won every single round of Monopoly except the ones against AI (in which neither Dan nor Arin win) and the one where it glitched and auto bankrupted him?

  20. Already watched this, but I'll watch it another 10 times before I need a new compilation lol

  21. Its great that I don’t remember what order these are all in, but I know EXACTLY what happens in each game depending on what pieces/board they’re on
    Seeing the name Amandine gave me PTSD

  22. If I'm not mistaken, Game 2 was when Arin meant to pay Dan 50 bucks, fucked up, and then karma fucking destroyed him for it, right?

  23. 0:38 Would have been perfect if this was uploaded a day later.

  24. Dan: Having an easy and hard computer player is a terrible combination.

    Arin: It so is.

    Also Arin: *does literally that for every party game with AI ever*

  25. So, did Arin ever give Dan that kiss on the cheek?

  26. Jewish Danny is scary. He'll pave over your grandparents neighborhood to build a shopping mall

  27. Which episode is the 'peanut butter episode'?!

  28. ah yea i forgot how easily things can get awkward while watching them in public areas lmao

  29. This really makes it clear how willing they are to go as far as possible for the least expensive properties in the game.

  30. Thank you for uploading this compilation. I love there Monopoly playthroughs.

  31. Monopoly hates everyone, everyone hates monopoly. A Balance present in all the universe.

  32. Wow dan really seems to have a natural born advantage when it comes to managing money. I wonder why???

  33. I’m not sure how, but I actually fell asleep to Arins frantic screeching

  34. I literally come across this multiple times a week and I'm not mad about it

  35. Honestly would love to see Arin and Dan play through Fallout 3/4 or New Vegas. I think they'd have a grand time

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