BGM's Top 10 Monopoly Board Games Released In @ 2021 -

BGM’s Top 10 Monopoly Board Games Released In @ 2021

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BGM’s Top 10 Monopoly Games Of 2021.

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  1. Yay animal crossing is the best. Feels more co-op than competitive given you get resources over pay rent.

  2. 5:10 one of my strategies in this game is wait until someone pays with a $500 bill thrn i check that

  3. Hi sir,would you recommend monopoly cheaters edition? Me and my friends need a break from the classic edition😂

  4. Great games! Great video! Norman I still gotta getta new phone. Hang in there brother. I still wanna do that Batman Board Game Episode. I miss ya bro. Keep in touch. 🙂👍

  5. I like the Fortnite, Jurassic Park, Jay And Silent Bob, Space Jam, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They're all pretty cool. That Space Jam and Target Monopoly Games are gonna be valuable collectables. Oh and I like Monopoly Mario Kart and Monopoly Sonic The Hedgehog.

  6. Hmm… Monopoly. The trouble with (standard) Monopoly is, every time it's wheeled out, everybody wants to add the "little additions" which they know are in the rules "somewhere" to the game. This tends to make it drag for hours, until finally we all just give up.

    My solution..? As soon as I hear "Let's play Monopoly", I'm outta the door faster than a cat from a room full of rocking chairs!

    But I enjoyed your video, excellent as usual.

    BTW, have you ever had to deal with mold on game boards? I've just got one, and while I can't see the mold, judging by the smell I suspect it's wormed its way into the fibres of the cardboard.

  7. Thanks for doing all your videos on monopoly.

  8. Nice video!!! I like your channel. Please make a review of The Stock Market Game the Avalon Hill 1970

  9. I like the countdown graphic in the lower left! And I appreciate the capsule overviews.

    The only game on this list I care for is the Rivals Edition. It is, in a way, the At Home Reality prototype, coming out in 2020 to cater to people stuck at home with no guests coming over. I obtained my Rivals Edition copy then, but — being stuck at home with no guests coming over — I didnʼt get to play it till this year! Itʼs a brisk little two‐player version.

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