Black People Are Trapped Inside A Real Life Monopoly Game Created By Wicked People -

Black People Are Trapped Inside A Real Life Monopoly Game Created By Wicked People

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  2. We need to put this Brother on a presidential campaign

  3. But you can choose your mentality tho – right?

  4. Im more closer with my play cousins than my real ones. And my mom best friend was more of an aunt than any of my real aunts

  5. Nobody is trapping you unless you accept it. Prosperity is there for anyone who wants it and want to work for it.

  6. We have forgotten how valuable we are to one another.

  7. Well said, Dr. Claude Anderson.

  8. The US government is a European monopoly system

  9. We can say what we want about other America but I’ve traveled and we are much better here than many other places abroad.

  10. Monopoly? Yep…and they have the properties, railroads, and electrical technology.

  11. I researched the origin of the Monopoly game from Parker Brothers; and I found out that game was social plan leaked by a whistleblower knowing it was a plan to keep in place a caste system of class and race. So they capitalized on the leak of classified information and made it a table game. The same game they run on us in real life. The brother is correct in his analysis. 💯%😐

  12. So to cut out all the BS if we can be on code with the play play cousin why don’t we all come together on code and say we all family no matter where we are or where we are from and just be one big Family and be on the same page everywhere at all times I believe that will kill black in black crime alone and we can go from there

  13. Yes, we are in a real,self-conscious,, psychological condition, and what we really want is to be a part of the illusion, two be knowledge and accepted (that is the condition)❤ infor most of our people, even with higher education, believe they are not, to a certain degree, they are assumptions are correct, but the outcome of their actions still represent (apart of the Monopoly of psychological condition❤),.

  14. Move to Africa. Then when you get there build a top notch nuclear defense system, more roads, a space program, some rocket, some airplane, and all modes of transportation needed, its not like Africa doesn't have the resources.. All I hear is crying about how life is bad instead of doing the necessary to make life what you need it to be. Willie gets off on sharing so called struggles and not solutions. Wooooow. Community is not unique to black people.

  15. So true, and the worst part we treat the enemy better than we treat each other.

  16. Absolutely. I got whippings from every mother in the neighborhood

  17. This was called UNITY, yes fathers on the home with mother is important, but in the day UNITY in the community was the bond.

  18. Listen up! "Selfish Humans," we as a "Nation" lost that what made us one.
    We gave it up for a "Broken Promise"
    from our enemies. They promised us that we had "Freedom." how they're giving our children "Forgotten Promises." We must "Give" to "Receive" from "The Most High Anu"
    Remember "Whatsoever a person soweth that shall they also reap." But to be able to play the PaleNations monopoly games, you must be in the game to play the game. Why do alot of our people always got a answer to our problems, but they still wants to live and love their enemies. and they're trapped because they keep breaking "The Laws Of The Most High Anu." PBUY!

  19. Had we stayed in that type of mind frame we would be alot better off!! You van try to correct a kid now a days and the kid might curse u out then u might have to squabble with the parents!!

  20. Black people in America are doomed, they will go back into slavery..
    This time by the Mexicans Chinese and white people

  21. I’m 50.. This used to be true II could go in ANY hood across America and relate to everybody black. Now it’s reverse blacks are viewed as OPPS to each other to be killed ..

  22. Folks be saying a whole lotta nothing. And black folks be like…man that's deep. Yeah. A heap of nothing is deep.

  23. Trapped in a Monopoly game? So the car in the game is sitting on 30-inch rims? Who hell pays $2000 per rim for a car? And why is that car sitting in front of an apartment complex ( or a rented house )? Why do black people buy a new flat-screen TV every Black Friday? Why is the shopping day on Thanksgiving called “ Black Friday “? For some reason, it is not racist, and each year black people spend a bunch of money. Who pays up to $3000 for a lace front? There is not one white person in the Weaves store or the nail salon. All that P.P.P. Loan money and not one black-owned store was opened in all these so-called food deserts. They gave you the reparations money already but you spent it so fast that you gave it right back.

  24. Speak for yourself. I'm black and I'm not oppressed. It's 2023 change your mind frame. My granny was oppressed but still became the first black nurse to graduate from her college. I can't believe in Jesus and still think I'm oppressed. Through him I am FREE!

  25. Factssss, and most don't want to unlearn to relearn.

  26. Right on brother believe people in the neighborhood kept on eye on kids in on that street. Believe i got whooping from the neighbor than my mom and dad when he got home. My play cousin were like family and looked out for each other. That was real love and we help one another fought when you needed them. Wish we could go back to those good old days. Life have changed let us pray that is what missing today. 😢

  27. Listen man, we need more people like you to expose these things. But, my friend, you have present your approach with a more positive energy. You take too long to present your point 😅except for when you're reading. In other words, you comes off as boring. Oh! As for the Bob Marley clip, that shoe with that pin inside, was true but it wasn't that white dude who gave those shoes to him. In fact, there's a lot of other folks who has claim to have given those shoes to him and each one of them has their own story about who really kill Bob.

  28. I was taught family is family, friends or friends, and associates or associates! Play cuz 'n ain't love'n like your brotha. Just me! Humility and humbleness has no color or culture. Unapologetically, FBA'S Love and Reparations.

  29. Brother is telling facts. 1953 I was born in Tennessee. Jim crow was was on our minds as we went to sleep at nite. Yes other black people I incounted we were bro and sisters and cousins. We protect each other. Those days are long gone. Why. Money. It separated black people. We lost what we were fighting for.

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