Board Game Breakfast LIVE - Sep. 2 -

Board Game Breakfast LIVE – Sep. 2

The Dice Tower
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Join us for another blast of news, fun, and silliness – LIVE style!

Intro: 00:00
Ryan and Bethany: 03:49
Board Game Opinions – Teaching Tips: 05:50
Showdown: 07:43
Ambie’s Untitled Segment: 23:23
Game Changer with Karar2K: 24:53
Tabletop Toolbox: 26:32
News: 29:06
I Teach, She Wins: 47:32
From the Page to the Table: 49:29
Closing Ceremonies: 51:30
Outro: 52:35

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  1. Captain America dics golf disc in Tabletop Toolbox…. WOOT!

  2. Just added Queen of the Tearling to my reading list 👍

  3. idw said they'd be deliverying batman on the kickstarter page, take that as you will

  4. Hmm that MindBug game mentioned at 34:17 must be very early in development; that card design is a cheap template–one of the hundreds of cards templates/icons that Humble Bundle was selling for less than $20. Doesn't mean the game can't be great, just strange that they'd put so little effort into this early presentation…

  5. Zee and Stephen were momentarily in-charge, I love it. Tom is amazing, particularly when working with Zee and Stephen, but it was funny to see both of them react on the spot. Throw Mike in there and Tom can take a few well deserved holidays.

  6. Every time Steve goes "Ohhhh" I get a call back to The Hungry Gamer intro.

  7. Can we make suggestions for board game 21 questions time?

  8. Is oat milk ever used for the milk pouring slip?

  9. Oh cool! I never knew about the TTR legacy book!

  10. I really enjoy the Boardgame Opinions segment. It's so well done 😀

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