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Monopoly has never been kinder to Bob until now. There must be some way to stop his reign of terror… but I’ll have to break the very fabric of the universe to do so…



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  1. This game definitely deserves it's rating on Steam, and so much worse. What's it called when a salesman sells you a broken product?

  2. Did Bob press a wrong button or something…? Or did Ubisoft really just screw him

  3. The sheer amount of times I have rewatched bob say “why does the splash screen say Ubisoft PUNE”

  4. Pune is a city in India, but I didn't know they had a UBisoft development team there.

  5. Bob really thought that was a good trade at the end ?

  6. For those who wanna know "Ubisoft Pune" means nothing but Ubisoft from Pune, its a city in India and apparently I live there. (Pronounced as Poon-eh)

  7. Each time I watch this I convince myself it won’t end the way it does

  8. My brain didn't register anything past "Wade, I will suck nothing, but I would take it if you were giving it to me"

  9. I just got what the subreddit clips meant at the end, they were handpicked to enrage the viewers because of dissatisfaction, just like how the game abruptly bankrupts Bob thus making them dissatisfied with the "finish."

  10. He chose to go bankrupt slow it down and you can see

  11. 1:35 get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY H

  12. Sees title
    Me: Welp, if you can leave em, join em.

  13. Like 20 minutes in and Mark hasn't passed go

  14. You know what's funny, I was gonna take a nap and said, ok I'll pause and go to sleep after they all pass GO.
    * twenty minutes later *

  15. Pune is a city in India and that is totally not how you pronounce the name . Its like pu-ne. Its where I'm from

  16. I assure you, no one in Tennessee pronounces it tennesay.

  17. Bob: wtf is Ubisoft PUNE

    Ubisoft: so you have chosen… death

  18. Yo i have this game on ps4 how do they start off with 2500?

  19. My neighbours thought there was an orgy in my apartment, i regret nothing

  20. This how u know mark was having a bad day already

  21. You should be able to turn off the timeout function. I assume it happens because you can make a non-private room and play with real people who may have to leave suddenly and therefore never do their turn, but that doesn't apply here.

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