Boop | Quick 2 Player Couple Review | Gaming Expeditions w/ the Board Game Sherpa Ep001 -

Boop | Quick 2 Player Couple Review | Gaming Expeditions w/ the Board Game Sherpa Ep001

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So, I started a new series on the channel – Gaming Expeditions with the Boardgame Sherpa. This is the pilot episode where I review the boardgame Boop from Smirk and Dagger Games. It is a fun two-player or couples board game that is similar to Tic-Tac-Toe, but with adorable cats and kittens. For adults and kids!

The goal of this Gaming Expedition series is to shoot short reviews of boardgames that I have played that might be of interest to new gamers. Mostly Gateway Games, but I may throw in a slightly more advanced boardgame if it is truly outstanding. So subscribe to learn about some great games that may become your favorite games!

When they get more copies, it should be available here:
Boop ➡️

Note the shirt is from an amazing filmmaker and propmaker – @StoneFistedProps


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  1. Nice review man! Do you think it's appropriate for a 5 year old or should we wait a bit (although I may be able to convince the wife to play it since she's a cat lady – if we can find it.)

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