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Monopoly is back and CRAZIER THAN EVER!! How can ONE PERSON have THIS MUCH LUCK?!?!



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  1. Oh my God. That was the funniest thing I have ever watched. I was dying of laughter the whole time

  2. I'M AT WORK RIGHT NOW AND IM TRYING NOT TO DIE OF LAUGHTER. XD Mark whyyyyy?? Why would you go bankrupt with EVERYTHING??

  3. everything after 40:16 had me crying of laughter Wade is such bitch 😭

  4. Lixian needs to play with Mark, Bob and Wade more often because this man is an absolute legend

  5. Alternate title: Wade gets revenge on mark for that one uno episode.

  6. I'm so happy they played this on my friend's bday. The both of us had a great time laughing!

  7. Wade in the late game:
    "Mark, I've come to bargain"

  8. Bro drop fruit snacks in milk. Greatest combo

  9. God I wish we could see all 4 of them gaming again. It's always so funny

  10. I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARDDDDDDDDDDDD. LET ME BREATHE DAM ITTTTT. This will forever be my favorite channel, legit saved my life and I'm not joking.

  11. As a Yugioh fan, the title sounds like something Kaiba would say

  12. This is just a podcast not much of gameplay

  13. This is the most generous game of Monopoly ever

  14. I was intrigued to see Lixian in the game but quickly found out he’s adorable and real good at capitalism so good stuff all around

  15. That bullshit wade pulled woulda make me just quit maaan. You agree to something, you fuckin damn well do it ffs

  16. 5:49 God Dammit Mark! I almost made it through the whole bit with out cracking, until the last two seconds.

  17. Can we just appreciate mark getting southern when mad.

  18. 13:10 to 14:06 I had 21 aneurysms 15 and 1/2 strokes I lost 1 braincell and I only had 1/2 of one and it took me 5 hours to process what they said.

  19. idk why they were complaining. when bob gave his stuff to mark they could have beat lixian. he had ONE monopoly and sure it was blue but he couldn't put anymore houses on it. mark and wade could have bled him dry with their large bank accounts. what was really stupid was when they said wade couldn't beat lixian even with marks stuff…uh..what? dude has over 5000 dollars and like 2/3s of the entire map and he can't win? once again lixian has ONE monopoly he can't do anything with

  20. This is the most I've ever laughed legitimately, the second half where everyone lost it was insane, this is the best video ever 😭😭

  21. I feel like this is a small peek into how much Lixian laughs while editing for Mark

  22. To be fair for wade
    Even if he said he was not gonna gonna withdraw…. The guy is unpredictable most of the time and likes to joke and prank the crew🤣

    Bob just being salty coz wade messed up his plan of mark and wade paying more than what that railroad original value was💀

  23. "I thank you for calling my bluff because I had a LOT more to say!"

    Comedic genius.

  24. This was the first time I’ve heard Lilian speak

  25. O my gosh bob tries 3 times before mark gives in to endless suffering

  26. i have been killed. ive actually had trouble breathing during this

  27. The goal of monopoly for all of these people isn't to win, but to piss off all of their friends whether they win or not 🤣

  28. I like how Half the time it was spent on trading

  29. The entire video it almost sounds like Bob has auto tune for some reason

  30. I would love to see lixian and mark play more games together

  31. Southern Bob sounds like early show Mr. Garrison.

  32. they really threw this game (more than other games). they could've traded a property of lixian with a lot of money(he wouldn't be able to refuse with how little money he had and how much they could've offered). They overate the Blues and underrate the browns. (sure the browns don't have absurdly high rent, but their hotels and houses aren't expensive, and they are the best at drying out players "nickel and dime style". Where as the blues you can circle around them so much that if you do get there- 1. the player likely couldn't still afford to buy the houses or hotels, and 2. you've accumulated enough properties and money to pay it up. )

    just saying- this was entertaining, I just would've liked it of they properly did see it to the end for once in this series XD. (and that they'd recognize their trade options)

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