CGRundertow MONOPOLY for PlayStation Video Game Review -

CGRundertow MONOPOLY for PlayStation Video Game Review

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Monopoly Review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Monopoly for the PSone. Developed by Sculptured Software and published by Hasbro. You play an interactive board game against either AI or human controlled opponents. Same rules of the classic board game. This video review features video gameplay footage of Monopoly and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Ryan.

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  1. Its been many years. Is there more than 1 PS1 version? (Region?). I just remember the game played like a moron on any skill level. Trying to roll doubles to get out of jail at the BEGINING of the game with all those properties to buy up. Falling for sucker deals selling properties. Passing on properties at the start of the game. It was horrible to watch it play so bad. Just buy one of every color group by landing or trading for cash and you have your opponent gridlocked.

  2. @Kapetozzo actually pogo's monopoly is the superior game

  3. @Kapetozzo You can play with other people on the pogo one, its just better than the board game version in a lot of ways. no clean up don't gotta worry about math lol

  4. We need a Game Day soon Ryan. Over Christmas break.

  5. This review is ridiculously awesome. Whoever thinks otherwise is a damned fool.

  6. Complains about the game taking itself to seriously.
    Takes his monopoly seriously.

    Seems legit.

  7. I was expected Derek, well i guess it's not Wii shovelware.

  8. I rented this game when it was new, and figured out within 5 minutes that it is the worst board game conversion EVER. I set up a game with 3 AI opponents and this would happen:

    AI #1 lands on Reading Railroad first turn. Buys it for $200.

    AI #2 on his turn asks to buy Reading Railroad from AI #1 for $100. AI #1 ACCEPTS THE PROPOSAL AND THE IMMEDIATE $100 LOSS.

    And it would all go downhill from there.

    The people who programmed this were fucking retards. The NES version is better!

  9. @AFIDD21 Nah i'm not a troll i'm a nice guy. It's just a crappy game, i was expected Derek because all he reviews is crappy games of late.

  10. I think the Monopoly guy and the KFC guy are related.

  11. Of course, video game versions of board games exist because people can't play board games. By that logic, wouldn't straws exist because no one knows how to drink without one?

  12. @SkullOfYorick 'mediums' is also a plural form of 'medium' as well. (Google search – "medium definition")

  13. @SkullOfYorick In what context are we even using the term "medium"? I watched the video, but didn't hear anything about that. Possibly I missed something because, to be honest, the video wasn't exactly commanding my full attention. But both "media" and "mediums" are valid ways of communicating the plural form of "medium". It depends on context. Although, tradition seems less valid than websites like Merriam-Webster, but I guess it simply boils down to opinion nowadays, doesn't it?

  14. i love the nes version some catchy tunes there

  15. Umm get the last railrod or keep your girlfriend… tough choice.

  16. I personally like the N64 version the best (in my honest opinion).

  17. Was gutted when I got this as at the time i was thinking the Genesis and NES versions where amazing this is gonna be even better but unfortunately it's a terrible version plain cards with no animation very little sound effects and no music in the auction etc just removed all the excitement it's sad that a console released in 1983 the NES has a more impressive version than a 1994 console.

  18. i used to have this it broke years ago but now i have Monopoly Plus for PS4

  19. I wonder what the "Donald Trump of the Monopoly world" would be today?

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