CHRISTMAS IS FOR BOARD GAMES - Let's Play Monopoly on Tabletop Simulator -

CHRISTMAS IS FOR BOARD GAMES – Let’s Play Monopoly on Tabletop Simulator

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Christmas is a time for peace, goodwill and board games. And to celebrate that, Lucy, Dave, Tamoor and Oscar are playing Monopoly – a board game with absolutely no peace or goodwill.

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  1. Do you even know how to play Monopoly or Tabletop Simulator

  2. 25th watcher

    2nd liker

    Do not forget the God of Heavens just by these

  3. You coulnt just play the (physical) board game? What is this!

  4. Why don't you just buy the game on Xbox or ps4. It's a lot easier then this

  5. 12 quid for physical game this is pointless

  6. just get the bloody physical board game!! u guys either really patient or plain silly to drag and click for 1 hour

  7. boring as fuck, get a physical board fucking hipsters

  8. it's funny how the game informer people talked about games to play besides monopoly since there are so many great games out there and these guys actually play monopoly.

  9. Waiting 4 the VR version. Oh wait never mind.

  10. ahhh get LIFE… U know even real Monopoly exist ;P

  11. If you guys were any more "british" youd have a lobster redcoat on, init'?

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