Civilization 6 Mod Spotlight - Monopoly ++ By Leugi, A Replacement For The Monopoly Game Mode -

Civilization 6 Mod Spotlight – Monopoly ++ By Leugi, A Replacement For The Monopoly Game Mode

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This is the first video of my mod spotlight series in which I highlight the multitude of amazing mods that the Civ 6 community have created in order to make the game as fresh and new as possible without drastically changing how Civ is played. This first mod is Monopoly++ by Leugi – a mod that overhauls the Monopoly & Corporation game mode that was introduced with the New Frontier Pass DLC.

As always, you can find me at the above links and livestreaming on Mon-Thurs 12pm, and Fridays at 2pm PST!

00:00 – Intro
00:57 – Explaining Breakdown of The Mod
01:31 – Pt. 1 – Tycoons & Investors
05:56 – Pt. 2 – Products & Corporations
07:36 – Pt. 3 – Celebrities
10:41 – Pt. 4 – My Thoughts, Summary
15:16 – Ending

The music at the end was made by hawk – the song is called ultd. and can be found here!

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  1. This is a great idea for a series, some Mods can really refresh the experience.I love this modpack since I love how the Monopolies mode made Luxuries more impactful than just limited trade currency.My biggest pet peeve with the standard Monopolies was the absurd flat Tourism bonusses that you could rack up. It was so bad that the accidental Culture Victory replaced the accidental Diplomatic Victory. This mod allows it to feel a bit more rewarding again.Tycoons can feel a bit awkward for a Culture Civ since you will not always have an Industrial Zone ready by the time you have them, but you now can build Railroads without the need for an Encampment, and those Train Stations can be insane if placed strategically (not shown: they yield Culture from adjacent Wonders after Steel).My personal advice would be to not waste too much money on the Tycoons and Investors before you get the corresponding Great Merchant. They do the same what Mausoleum does for Great Engineers, that's a lot of value.

  2. Jokes on you when you play Monopoly you can just take money from the bank when other players aren’t looking.

  3. Seems like a dope mod/modpack! Mod showcase is a great idea for a series!

  4. Super excited for this series!!! Great video!

  5. Was waiting for you to post so I could tell you… you were right.. Peter>Trajan… sad day.

    Played a few, last game Had 300+ science by turn 100 (personal record) and accidentally won culture at 170 while going for sub 190 science!!!! Did this without customizing city states, or chopping or scumming or anything. WILD.

  6. How do you find Mansa Musa with this mod.

  7. boes – this is a really cool series and an excellent first installment

  8. This mod is amazing! I really hope they add something like this in the main game for Civ 7.

  9. Boes I say this with love, why so monotone? I love the video and can't wait to use the mod though

  10. I'm often hesitant to try new mods for Civ 6 considering each game is such a time commitment so I'd love to see more of a series like this!

  11. I love this modpack. I sometimes use the Tycoons and Investors mod even outside of the monopolies mode just cause the train stations, warehouses and container ports are so fun

  12. I love this. I’d really love to see a set of mods that make lots of sense for the sake of immersion. I love the game modes but a lot of them don’t feel very immersive. I love the idea of this mod so much, and am super looking forward to a Germany playthrough with it!

  13. Should be added to the main boes line up!

  14. Are there any tips on mod conflicts or load order for this mod? I know that can make a difference, nice to know if there are any gotchas to expect or mods to turn off before diving in.

  15. i love this can you keep doing theses 🙂

  16. I was wondering where’d you been at man glad to see you back and hope you’re staying safe during all this craziness

  17. Hey Boes thanks for the video, I haven't saw this mod deff gona check it our brotha. Also I like the idea of this series; I hope it is a success for you!

  18. I'm getting a bit bored now that I can fairly consistently beat deity (Dom victories I'm still working on), so mods are what's keeping this fresh for me. To that end, this is a great idea for a series! Thank you!

  19. I never would’ve expected to see CasGil on this channel.

  20. AYAYA and Hallelujah
    A new video is upon us

  21. Great video Boes. Had a lot of fun playing your Egypt seed with this mod.
    Do you think you'll keep it on even with games that aren't strictly about Gold Cultural victories?

  22. Thanks for doing this – looking forward to your future recommendations!

  23. The civilization expanded mod would be a great one to do next I like to add the steal and thunder mod with it
    Edit after thousands of hours mods is only reason I keep playing this game love the mod authors to get the attention to keep it going I hope one day we can have civ 4 level mods again

  24. As other people have pointed out in the comments, this is a great idea of a series and I'll definitely try this mod out one of these days! I'm getting kinda bored now that I can consistently beat deity (thanks to your tips, dammit why did you have to be so helpful?)

  25. Very cool mod! do you have any streams where you use it? 🙂

  26. Will you cover City Lights? Personally played it too much but it's really engaging

  27. Maybe someone can help me. Where are the tycoons? I unlocked them and they don't show up as a civilian unit. Would another mod be interfering with this mod?

  28. great series, hope to see more of it.
    I returned to civ and bought the anthology 🙂

  29. Don’t know if I would’ve given this mod a try without your video – thanks boesthius!

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