Comparing Monopoly Ultimate And Super Electronic Banking Board Games -

Comparing Monopoly Ultimate And Super Electronic Banking Board Games

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Comparing The Differences Between Monopoly Ultimate And Super Electronic Banking Board Games

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  1. Bro plz tell which game is 40 min or 35 min

  2. There's a bit of a mistake, on both of those games when the game ends the banking unit will automatically give each player money for the rent of the properties they own!

  3. I have both because I wanted an electronic banking monopoly, and I heard about the ultimate banking so I went to the store to get one. They only had the super electronic banking, so I thought the ultimate banking was discontinued and it made me a bit sad. Then recently I got the ultimate from ebay.

  4. I want to ask even though it is 3 years late, is monopoly ultimate banking atm easy to damage or durable?🤔

  5. Bro of course ultimate ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. I love ultimate banking but I hate the constant flashing lights on the device

  7. Nice breakdown! to the point!Helped me make very important birthday gift.

  8. Jeffrey Scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Vinding machines is that what you do Norm?

  9. Nice comparison I think I would like the Super Electronic Banking one a bit more since it is faster to play. I think the Monoploy JR. and the one Avengers version also use the rule of once the last property is bought the game ends.

  10. In the ultimate banking, can I write the cash to pay to other players?

  11. Which version does your family often choose to play between these two ?

  12. I am getting my ultimate banking set today from Amazon. I think I will love it. I have been wanting to buy it for 4 years and I get it now only.

  13. I’m getting super electronic banking today thanks for the comparison which has helped me choose

  14. Awesome break down, 😊 thanks!!!!!! I’m choosing ultimate!

  15. Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Pete Davidson? 😂

  16. great video, simple explanations especially on the forced trading thing that got me confused many times, is there any chance to go in depth in the super version? like a gameplay but with much more information explaining the flight spaces and forced trading more? and maybe some strategies? thanks in advance

  17. Does the super electronic banking and include batteries?

  18. Great comparison, and I'm glad I have ultimate 🙂 Btw, there is forced trading in ultimate, but only through event cards.

  19. Idk where you are from but you should check out Chicago-opoly.

  20. Ultimate banking when you get double do you move or you don’t move

  21. We Thank You for your Hard Work and service to this World .

  22. I like monopoly electronic banking why mean old is gold

  23. I was about to go out to buy super electronic version because one of my friends had it and it was fun but then I saw this video and saw ultimate banking was way better. Thanks for stopping me from wasting my money 💰

  24. Which one would you say that you prefer super or the cheating one when time doesn’t really matter?

  25. Is there a monopoly game or any board game out there that you recommend is best for someone who may want to get into real estate investing in their future? If it’s possible that the game can even help with that as well.

  26. Nice breakdown! Very concise and to the point!

    Helped me make very important holiday gifting decisions =D

  27. Amazing thank you so much for the explanation, I have a question , my electronic bank is not working now , I don’t know why even if I change a new batteries the laser is turned off and for that reason we are unable to continue playing , by any chance do you know what could be the problem , any advice will help us a lot , thank in advance

  28. The monopoly ultimate banking

  29. What if the device broken? Can you still play this game or will it be difficult to play?

  30. Good video i would love to buy both…..but now its very hard to find the ultimate in mexico in good shape the used copy so im gonna buy the super just for the price very cheap and always come in good shape

    P.d: when i see this video i watch marketplace and good lord i see the monopoly ultimate bankin and i buy it now i have both👍

  31. Doesn’t Ultimate have 22 properties?

  32. ultimate banking does also have force trading

  33. I have ordered a super electronic from Amazon and it seems to better than ultimate and it's even expensive

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