CRAZY Secrets About Monopoly! -

CRAZY Secrets About Monopoly!

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Roll the dice for some crazy Monopoly secrets in this episode of our amazing Fact Show!
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  1. Wait….
    Did you just say Scranton, Philadelphia?
    Philadelphia has never been a state and neither city is connected to each other to be called in the same sentence.
    Who is the editor here?

  2. Pokemon Trading Card Game Collections says:

    Scranton, Philadelphia?? It's Scranton, Pennsylvania lol 😆😆😆😆

  3. Especially at the beginning of the game when you do not have much money yet, the most effective properties are the ones just before " free parking". They do not cost much to buy and they are cheap to build houses on. Plus every time someone leaves jail these properties are very likely where the newly freed jailbird might land on.( there are eight different ways how the dice can roll 6, 8 or 9 when you end up in one of those properties strait away. Or if you first throw douple ones that still gives eight more options to end up on these squares. Even douple two won't save you. That still means you have five ways to end up on one of these spaces. So when a player leaves jail he or she has a very high probability to lose money to whom ever owns the "red" properties before free parking.

  4. Buy all railroads, stay in jail for rest of game, thats always my strat.

  5. I always play with a rule no buying property until you go around the board once

  6. In 1987 I gave out the winning ticket for the million dollars. I was 17 and everyone in the store got $600 each. I was awesome.

  7. We have used the free parking space to collect all the money that gets put in the middle of the board as far back as I can remember. This is a new revelation to the makers of Monopoly? landing on that spot can be a game changer depending on how much money has accumulated. We would put any money that was supposed to go "to the bank" in the middle. It was awesome to land on the free parking space. 😀

  8. My strategy that almost always works is to buy all properties that are on the chance/community chest cards. That increases the chance of opponents landing on your properties and paying you rent. So go for the railroads, utilities, boardwalk, St. Charles Place, etc

  9. I've always played that free parking wad a bonus. All fines and penalties go in the center. Lucky person grabs the cash when they land there.

  10. The longest monopoly game I have played was about 13 hours with my father si other 2 family friends…I was 12 at that time and I beat everyone:))

  11. As an avid board game fan I will never accept that game is anything but luck first. It's an awful game.

  12. When jacob is jailed before the 9/11 attack

  13. We used the taxes and fines in Free Parking since we were kids.I think I last played in '96.My bud and I never finished.We had a list of properties,where we were on the board,and money in the bank.

  14. I have a version with the canon that isn't that old.

  15. The Everything you can imagine channel says:

    what ever happened to his eye piece? It was alway there and now I cant find a trace of it? why did they take it away? and why do the old pictures not show it? did the maker just not likke it?

  16. My husband and I DO NOT play this anymore. He can’t play by the rules, and at the risk of a divorce, we will NEVER play again together. I will play as long as he is not. So sad 😂😂

  17. 8:00 Pennybags. Uncle Pennybags.
    15:28 Never aim for the top-tier properties. 15:36 NOTHING, DAMMIT; FREE PARKING IS FREE PARKING, NO MORE, NO LESS.
    16:56 Meh. If you're gonna play like that, it should be a bonus for landing on Go.
    I don't care for 'house rules'. Meh.

  18. Haven't thought about this game in some time. Back in the 80's I went to the National Championship twice after winning the Hawaii state title in both 1984 and 1986.

  19. I mastered the 1st Monopoly for computers, winning every time within 2 trips around the board. Now I've played a more advanced version and mastered it. I noticed in my version that the rolls are by no means 'random numbers' as it should be but instead controlled. The computer in my version uses penalties, jail, doubles, and piece movement to its advantage, making up for the fact they don't give you much of a 'mind' (AI) for your opponent…the secret is to learn the computers deficiencies in trading, which are present in all versions. That really requires AI and again, for that price, they aren't going to give you an IBM 470.

  20. Columbo mafia? Do you mean the Columbian mafia? Definitely not my area of expertise.

  21. 0:49 they passed it with hand and not box
    passes with box

  22. I have the boot does anyone else have it

  23. So Parker Brothers bought out several other patents similar to Monopoly…so I guess several other people could claim they invented the game too.

  24. Most games I've played last about 30 minutes. Everyone quits.

  25. I love Monopoly but no one would ever play with me, so I now just play on my Switch with the AI LOL,

  26. Tip: never buy hotels, buy all 32 houses, will require 8 properties so go for cheapest properties. Then nobody else can put a house, let alone hotel on their property. You're welcome.

  27. It was before Internet. It was VHS, candy and chips, me and my friends, maybe a pizza. The evening was young and life was something that was about to happen. And we had a Monopoly game. It was a fair fight until Kurt who was in to communism was about to loose. His goal now was to stop the rightful winner by giving away all his stuff to the underdog. What made him happy was to destroy for someone else. The game was not so fare anymore. Also best strategy was to build as fast as you could and then hope for some luck.

  28. As kids we used to make the game EVEN longer by using two different editions of the game (London & Paris) overlapping the GO square and going at around in a figure of eight. Too much time spent on rainy holidays in the caravan, but at least we knew how to be bored.

  29. Yeeeeaahh had some fun times cheating at Monopoly.

  30. Fun Fact: The U.S. currency dyes their bills the same color as its Monopoly counterpart

  31. longest game of monopoly I've played lasted for at least 12hrs

  32. I think trading properties voids independent winning

  33. Buy the railroads red and blue properties

  34. So.. My mother is a huge monopoly gamer.. Look up how they got the idea.. He stole it from someone.. It started out round and he changed it to square.. But ultimately took a different persons idea and made money off of it.. Good Luck

  35. And to this day, there isnt any good version for the tablet or computer

  36. All those involved in the scam basically got off pretty lightly. They made a doc on it and all of these people are just scum.

  37. Lol don't forget about Madden (NFL) lol 😂

  38. I am a little addicted to Monopoly. I have 91 different boards and love to play the different versions

  39. There is no Scranton Philadelphia, they are two separate cities in Pennsylvania about 2 hours apart via car. So which city was the 54 hour game played in?

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