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D.I.Y Game of Monopoly

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Amidst the Lockdown situation that we are in, one thing that got me n my mum close is the Indoor games. We play Ludo, carrom, snack n ladder, cards, connecting dots n many more. But each of these games end up too soon. We wanted to play something interesting and time consuming. So my mum suggested, lets play monopoly or the game of business. Suddenly we realised, the board game is at my nephews place. So, i thought why not i make it!! I wrote down all the materials required, made all the measurements, noted the quantities and the details. The timelapse video i have recorded is showing you a process of total 4 hours in 1 minute.
Reference i have used is Wikipedia. Below are the detail step by step instructions:
Things Required:
1. 1 white cardboard sheet
2. 1 square wooden cardboard ( size of mine was 38 x 38 cm)
3. 9 color sheet ( 2 units / sheet)
4. 2 foam sheet ( 1 unit / sheet )
5. Dice
6. Player identification objects ( i have used lego)
7. Double sided sticky tape
8. Scissors
9. Scale
10. Pencil & Color Pencil
11. Black Marker

Step by step process:
1. Take the white cardboard and cut it in the same shape and size of wooden cardboard. (38 x 38 cm in my case )
2. Go to Wikipedia and check the monopoly layout. Draw that on the white cardboard sheet.
3. The measurement i have used to draw the layout is 6 cm from both edges and middle section is 2.7 cm apart for each box. Repeat on all 4 sides.
4. Write down the property Name & Value. Color them accordingly.
5. Stick the sheet on the wooden cardboard.
6. Take 7 color set , 2 units each. Draw rectangle of 7x4cm and cut them.
In my case:
20 units of $500 (red)
20 units of $100 (green)
30 units of $50 (purple)
50 units of $20 (grey)
40 units of $10 (yellow)
40 units of $5 (pink)
40 units of $1 (white)
7. Take 2 color set foam sheet. Draw 3×3 cm and make a triangle at 1.5 cm to make a house shape. Cut the entire sheet.
In my case,
112 units of red (house)
28 units of blue (hotel)
8. Take 2 left over color set, 2 unit each. Draw 8x5cm and Cut them.
In my case,
17 units of dark blue (community chest)
16 units of light blue (chance)
9. Use the left over white cardboard sheet to make property cards. Draw 8x8cm and cut them.
In my case, 25 units
10. Write down details in all the cut outs. Refer Wikipedia.

Hope you Enjoy making and playing this wonderful game with your loved ones too 🤟😁


  1. Wow you so great i like your own monopoly but you nit stay safe at home ok bye i love you so much.

  2. You used wooden cardboard so that means you can't fold your monopoly board and put it into its box right? Do you have any recommendation on what should I do to make my cardboard foldable?

  3. How many money we have to make total please reply ☺️

  4. What we have to type in Google for chance,community chest and rents

  5. What we have to type in Google for property cards

  6. What about properties how will we make that please tell us

  7. Please tell what your video editing app

  8. Soo different but very nice thanx mam 💟💗☝👌👌👌👍👍

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