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Dicebreaker Podcast Episode 107 | Monopoly Summer Camp

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This week Liv and Meehan are joined by our wonderful fellow team member and good pal Chase Carter for another dose of the latest of info on table top gaming. This week we’ll be chatting Magic the Gathering, Backerkit and – an old favourite of the WHOLE Dicebreaker team – Monopoly. Join us at 2pm BST for the Dicebreaker Podcast!
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  1. Recorded in front of a live YouTube audience, some of which are probably in studios, or studio appartments.

    I seriously doubt there was any actual film involved, though, any storage is likely spinning rust and SSDs, IMO.

  2. 12:52
    Canteen->Amazon warehouse->summer job->Christmas

    Working a summer job at Christmas struck me as odd, but I guess it's just another way to say "temporary employment".

    I didn't think Flushed Away was all that bad, but that may be due to my poor taste in movies. Only the finest taste in YouTube channels, though. 😉

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