Did you know Monopoly is banned in … #shorts #monopoly #monopolygame #games #boardgames #boardgame - zigjogos.com

Did you know Monopoly is banned in … #shorts #monopoly #monopolygame #games #boardgames #boardgame

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In this short video, I explain that both entire countries and many families have banned the Monopoly game from their nations and homes respectively.

For more on the story of Monopoly, check out my original video linked below.

My Original Video:
The TRUTH Behind The Fall of Monopoly


  1. Bro got that game in my basement I don’t know what there on about. Except china and North Korea I totally get the evils of capitalism and all that

  2. Those are just the families that stayed together. Nothing breaks a family apart faster than bankrupting your little brother while turning your parents against each other. There can only be one winner 🏆🏆🏆

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