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Disney Monopoly!

Gary C
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Let’s unbox 2001’s Disney edition of Monopoly!
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  1. I love Monopoly and I have a Star Trek TNG and Zelda themed Monopoly. I think a cousin of mine had that Disney Monopoly when we were growing up. I love all the little details.

  2. Well thank you Gary! We have the Pixar version both yours and ours are fantastic well they are Disney so what else could they be. Thanks again Gary look after yourself take care.

  3. I've always loved monopoly and now you made me want to play the disney one:)
    I loved the video as always

  4. I got this when it came out and I still have it. Normal monopoly seems so boring now!

  5. It's so tempting to get different Monopoly editions of things that you love – Disney, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, I've seen them all! I'd love to see more of your Disney collection, if I made YouTube videos that's all I'd ever be talking about!

  6. Oh My Disney!!! I need to buy this. Love it Gary xx

  7. ive got this one and I love it. I also have an adventure time monopoly and a beatles monopoly

  8. I was waiting for this video and this was so FABULOUS

  9. I love Disney too, this looks amazing 😍 Love your videos ❤️

  10. This was my first ever Monopoly game! I got it for Christmas when I was 4 (in 2001) and still have it now. Love and share your passion for Disney too 🙂 Also love your videos x

  11. Oh wow- I used to have this when I was a kid 🙂 I always wanted to be Dumbo or Snow White, my Sister was Aurora and my Dad would sing 'Magic Moments' every time we picked up a Magic Moment Card because he thought it was funny! It was the only version of Monopoly I could finish playing.

    Hope you enjoy it Gary 😀

  12. Hi Gary, I'm a newbie. Connor Ward from Connopolis sent me here; I now subscribed and cannot wait for more videos. I love Disney too – I definitely have to check out the Disney 2001 Monopoly game. 🙂

  13. I saw you playing this on Instagram, at least I ink I saw it on Instagram haha. But my god, the little figures are sooooo cute! Really nice touches in this!

  14. Fun!! I own the same Monopoly edition. I've been watching your Disney blogs to help prepare for my 1st Disney World trip in November. So excited!!!!

  15. please play this with someone and film it!

  16. That's so cool! I never knew the specialty versions offered so much to their fandoms like this. Thanks Gary! 🙂 <3

  17. Thanks, GaryC!! I've been contemplating buying Disney Monopoly for one of my grown children. She goes to Disney World somewhat often plus she and her partner also love to play board games. Now that you've shown me what is in the box, I probably will get it for them. You should get a sales commission from Disney!! : ) In place of that (unlikely), I will take care to watch the full commercials associated with your vlog so you get a little something for your efforts. Take care!

  18. Omg, I need this. I love Disney and I am lucky enough to be able to work at Epcot starting June 🙂

  19. This looks awesome! How much did you get it for? x

  20. omg i need this board game. we have farmopoly, for the hubby, so I'll have this one. i was early hours shopping this morning. not a good idea lol x

  21. Hi Gary, 2001 would have been Walt's 100th birthday, I think that was also the year they put Mickey's hat in front of the Great Movie ride for that reason, so cool find. Love this edition of the game its beautiful. Thanx for sharing Gary, much love 🙂 xx

  22. Aww, that's really nice. 🙂 Glad you got something you've wanted.
    eBay should be blocked late at night, though! I buy things before falling asleep then forget I've done it. Then when it turns up I'm like "what did I do that for??"

  23. I feel like I'd be way better at this kind of Monopoly than the regular one 😂.

  24. I'm the worst for late night eBay shopping, I'm a self-confessed shopaholic. I love this version of Monopoly, I always wanted it when I was younger.

  25. "Why the 2001 edition?… I don't know." haha

  26. Idk but watching a video of you always makes me smile. It feels like a warm hug and I don't know why. I just know that I feel better now (altough I didn't felt bad before) 🙂

  27. This was the first (& only) version of Monopoly I have ever played! Whenever monopoly questions get asked on a pub quiz I'm screwed… haha!
    Also I feel your pain with late night buying on eBay, I had a major splurge on pins DSSH pins a few weeks back….

  28. disney monopoly is my favourite monopoly EVER!! Also for some reason my favourite is the 2001 version, it's all I've ever played and love it 🙂

  29. Hi my name's Leah and I have a Disney problem. And by that I mean I don't have enough Disney merch so I'm off to eBay GOODBYE

  30. I LOVE Monopoly, it's my favourite board game, and I must say this has to be one of the most beautifully designed ones I've seen!

  31. Literally gonna go and look on eBay now. And if I buy this, it's all on you!x

  32. are you going to visit Adam while he's at Disney?

    I've found "vintage Disney" on etsy!!!

  33. Fun Question: If you were to rearrange the movies on the board, which movies would you put on the the highest priced spaces? Or would you keep them the same?

  34. Just discovered your channel! It's wonderful! You're such a great person to watch / listen to! You've earned yourself another subscribers!

  35. today I found it in a bazaar at 5.6 dollar 😛

  36. I love this! Definitely going to get it… also looking at the Disney Monopoly Villains edition. Thanks for the vid, Gary!

  37. Gary C. why are you so adorable and cute <3 ^^'

  38. I used to have this back in uhhh… 2012? It was at a Yard Sale, but I enjoyed it, now I lost EVERYTHING except the board and the tokens/pieces (I also lost the Pinocchio token) Now I used the board and tokens with the regular Monopoly pieces and tokens
    So sad

  39. Hi Gary !
    I found my old 2001's Disney edition of Monopoly in my garage but unfortunately I have lost the user manual. Could you please share it would be so great. Merry Christmas.

  40. 101 Dalmatians as the top property? HELL YEAH!!!! 😁

  41. I used to have this one until my mom gave it away in November 2009 after we moved to an apartment. 🙄

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