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Disney’s My Villains Monopoly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart TheToyChannel

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Disney My Villains Monopoly Game Toy Review Video by Mike Mozart. Choose your Favorite Disney Villains, Both Classic Villains And Modern Television Villains! Choose From; Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin, Captain Hook from Disney’s Classic Peter Pan, ( Never Smile at a Crocodile if You Choose him!), Ursula the Sea Witch from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid (Look Out Ariel!), Cruella Deville from that Polka Dotted Disney Classic 101 Dalmations, Hades, the Hot Head from Disney’s Hercules, Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Si and Am from Disney’s Classic “Lady and the Tramp”, The Mad Queen of Hearts also from “Alice in Wonderland”, The Beagle Boys from Disney’s “Duck Tales” The Big Bad Wolf from the Classic Disney Featurette “The Three Little Pigs” (Don’t be afraid of him!)


  1. 😀 i got the crocidile part! 🙂
    never smile at a crocidile^^

  2. I'm so glad they didn't forget Ratigan!!!! 😀

  3. 1:32 boo appears in thee monster costume from monster inc. awww
    I miss movies like that

  4. white rose the researcher pegasister says:

    ohh my god i only dream of playing this game

  5. Are you sure that's hooks hat? It looks like "that dude from pocahontas' " hat.

  6. The Cheshire cat and Mad hatter aren't evil…

  7. This is one Monopoly game I wouldn't mind having. 😀

  8. No, the bad guy, the one that looks fat with the pampered dog

  9. No it isn't! I have this game and it clearly says mad hatter hat and it has the 10/6

  10. I know its so stupid hes not even a villain!! the big bad wolf would have been so much better

  11. I don't love to hate them, I just love them!

  12. I can't believe that Disney threw in the Black Cauldron into this game. I wonder, is Ratigan in this game?

  13. I wouldn't call The Cheshire Cat a villain nor The Mad Hatter…

  14. Do you collect chess boards, the coolest one I ever saw was a Bugs bunny vs Marvin marshin

  15. that is a cool game board i love it and chesire cat is technically a villian hes just a prick though

  16. cheshire is not evil!!!! he is adorable and i love him!!!!

  17. Thxs so much for doing this video Mike. I just stumbled on this game at Disney store & was wondering what is looked like & how to customize the board. Great review!!

  18. Could anyone help me out?
    I would like to buy this game and I am not sure if it is the same as the one on Disney's web page. (disneystoreDOTcom/board-games-games-toys-disney-villains-collectors-edition-monopolyreg-game/mp/1263881/1000260/#longDesc)
    The box doesn't look like this and it doesn't indicate anything about the stickers, however the desrcription says "Choose from more than 30 Disney villains as you customize your game board to include your favorite baddies!"
    I am confused.

  19. I want that in Italy! 
    I cant found it 🙁 

  20. Can you re-use the sticker and change its position on board?

  21. How are Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter considered evil?

  22. OH MY GOD😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍 IM IN LOVE!

  23. my very favorite villains is madam mim big bad wolf shan yu lucifer gaston cruella de vil queen of hearts mad hatter kaa beagle boys captain hook professor ratigan pete chernabog jafar prince john madam medusa yzma hades lady tremaine hydra and the evil queen

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